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It is often difficult if not impossible to see that we all have the strength within us to overcome grief. Overcoming it doesn’t’ mean that we forget about our loved one that we have lost but rather that we have found a way, a method, a mindset that has allowed us to get through the stages of grief and keep living life. In “Dance Again” we see the story of a person that is remembering the night they were at a club and there was a shooting that resulting in the loss of the live of someone they love. They share how difficult it has been but how they were able to dance again, love themselves again and start that move forward. In “Joy is Not Lost” we hear about a mother that remembers how wonderful her child was before they were taken away from them. The mother realizes that they still have a life to live and that by always loving them they are honoring the life they did live. We will all experience a painful loss at some point in our lives, the hope is that what or who we have lost continues to live in all of us making it possible to take another breath and a first solo step forward.

Finding Joy After Tragedy

  • Floating down on top of me

    Falling like feathers

    Like feathers softly

    Blowing- not like leaves

    But like a hurricane

    It fell



    It being the dust from the gunfire

    It being the drops of blood from my friend

    Or a stranger

    They guy in the unbuttoned red shirt

    The girl in the pink mini skirt dancing on the stage

    The cute lesbian couple celebrating their birthdays


    Something special

    As they lay curled up under each other

    I can see the paper hats

    They are still wearing

    It is anything that was lost that night

    It is pieces of me.


    No one tells you

    Writes a book

    Crafts a song

    Or truly holds your hand through the grief

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