"The impact that Kristy's writing has on youth is unfathomable at times. Kristy gives a voice to students that at times feel shut out in society. She beautifully captures the essence of issues that are important to students while still keeping the competitive edge students need at competitions. Kristy also makes the process of writing stories for students simplistic and manages to always ask the right questions before she puts pen to paper. Kristy's services are truly the best investment that any competitive program can make. She is truly transcendent." 


Noah Recker

Director of Forensics

Texas Forensics Association Past President

NSDA Diamond Coach

NSDA House Finalist Coach

"Wow is the word I would use to describe the selection written for my student!  This current selection is no different from others Kristy Thomas has written.  Kristy's style is truly a gift; it's  professional, yet personal.  To be able to sit down and create an award - winning piece is phenomenal; and yet, Kristy is able to do this with the appearance of ease.  She is able to create selections based on one's personal experiences and yet put them into a professionally stylized manner for tournament presentation.  Although Kristy has only been professionally writing for a short time, I am sure Kristy Thomas or "Elise Sharron" is a name that will go into the record books!"


Jacquelyn Young 

NSDA Hall of Fame Coach

Director of Forensics

Blue Springs High School

Blue Springs, Missouri

NSDA 4 Diamond Coach

National Duo & Poetry Champion Coach

National Dramatic, Storytelling, Poetry Finalists Coach

"The first consideration for me when choosing an individual to work with my students is whether the individual was ever a teacher.  I have found in Kristy Thomas a TEACHER first, COACH, second, and, in general, an excellent person in whom I can place my trust.  She is an incredible talent who makes real connections with students and that is evident in the results that she is amassing.  I am so very impressed with her writing abilities and wholeheartedly endorse her business!"


Raphel Scott Waldrop

Activities Association State Coordinator

Director of Speech, Debate and Theatre

Hattiesburg High School

Hattiesberg, Mississippi

NSDA 2 Diamond Coach

NIETOC Executive Board

"Kristy Thomas is a game changer!  She has created an outlet in interpretation that truly brings a voice to the students a lot like the event Oratory.  There are so many life stories and things that have not been written about out there and Kristy has created a business where those stories are able to be told.  I’m an avid watcher of documentaries and  Kristy wrote a duo for my students about what took place in a particular documentary perfectly.  She has gift of bringing a story  to life for an audience like some of the greats and to be able to do that in just ten minutes is amazing!  Her customer service is impeccable and she is always thorough to make sure that she is writing the story accurately.  Trust me when investing in a selection from Kristy is an investment that reaps in dividends, every piece she has written for my program has been a winning selection."


Lillian Ogunbanjo

Director of Forensics

Seven Lakes High School

Houston, Texas

Texas Forensics Association Future President

NSDA Diamond Coach

UIL State Champion Prose and Poetry Coach

TFA State Champion Dramatic Coach

TFA State Duet Acting, Humorous, Prose, Poetry, Oratory, and Congress Finalist Coach

NSDA Dramatic Champion Coach

NSDA Prose and House Finalist Coach

"Each year as my interp team grows, arises the problem of finding good selections and then taking the time to cut all of them. Even with student input, there is much to do. However, using Always Writing 4 U is such a perfect solution. It’s one stop shopping for interp pieces, but the selections  are truly stellar. All my students who used them last year, qualified for TFA State, UIL Region, and NSDA Nationals. This year, in just two tournaments, two my students using Kristy Thomas pieces has already qualified for Texas Forensics Association State! Always Writing 4 U LLC is truly a goldmine of interp."


Victoria Beard

Director of Forensics/ Masters of Arts

Spring Woods High School

Houston, Texas 

NSDA 1 Diamond Coach

UIL Academics Coordinator/NFL Space City Committee

''I had the privilege of meeting Kristy Thomas in my second year of Speech and Debate competition! She told me right from the start that she would push me to be more than a typical performer! She made it very clear that she expected me to be better than my mind would allow me to think I could be! This led me to having an amazing high school speech career! While any typical coach would assume that coaching a successful high school competitor would be enough, Kristy thought the exact opposite! She has provided me with some of the most incredible pieces that I have ever seen for my collegiate speech experience! She stayed in touch with me to make sure that I was still pushing to be more, and this led to me making finals at Nationals for the first time in my speech career! The philosophy behind the way you coach is just awesome and I really am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with you because you have changed my perspective on how I compete with other people. I appreciate everything you have done for me and you will always be remembered! Not only as an amazing coach, but as an even better friend! I love you Kristy!"


Reggie Chapman

Hattiesburg High School Coach

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Graduate William Carey University Speech Team

Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehension 2014 Prose Champion ("Seventh Birthday" by Kristy Thomas)

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