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Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering...

1. Are all pieces published and readily avalible to ANYONE nationwide?

Yes. Always Writing 4 U is a writing and publishing company supplying services to students and coaches all over the country. Anyone who purchases a piece will receive a hard copy for documentation and archival purposes. 

2. All published Always Writing 4 U pieces are available for publication information on The following areas may be searched for authentication: title, author, publisher. 

3. PURCHASE ORDERS/ BILLING: If you are a school and need a W9 or would like to use a Purchase Order please e-mail me at and I will create an invoice for you. Not a problem! 


4. As the author(s) the idea is that all prose and dramatic are interchangable. Dramatic Interpretations have more "performance suggestions" than Prose. They are not published as plays, if you purchase a Dramatic Interpretation and want to use it as Prose you ARE permitted to do so by publication standards. ***Check your state rules on the definition of Prose/Dramatic Interpretation. There are "performance suggestions" within most of the pieces. This is the authors suggestion of performance ideas. They are not scripted stage directions. Plays for example, have stage directions that are written in based on the first production of the play. The suggestions written into our pieces are just performance ideas/ suggestions for the story being told. Poetry is poetry and duos and duets are scripted materials with characters that have specific assigned lines and, therefore, may NOT be used as Prose. Again check with  your specific state on their outlined rules. If you would like to know if a piece you are looking at has "performance suggestions" in it please e-mail us and we will check and respons ASAP. If you need documentation of any kind contact us directly at and let us now what you need clarification on and we would gladly supply what you need. Your state may not allow "performance suggestions" and if that is the case you must follow the rules stated by your state. Always Writing 4 U can only share it's information with its costumer but can not overrule state rulings.

5. How much does this service cost?
The full service is a one-time fee of $100.00 per piece, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. You will find that the care, consideration and attention to detail will be worth the fee as well as the end result.

6. Is there documentation available for national and/or state requirements?
Yes, I will supply the necessary documentation that will meet any requirements. As Always Writing 4 U is a publishing company, when the process is finished the piece will be published for you as a part of the process. Hard copies will be mailed to you. Always refer to for any publication information. In addition, like all publishing companies once a title (script) is published it is available for purchase by anyone who visits the Always Writing 4 U website.


7. What is the refund policy on Always Writing 4 U service?  

You are guaranteed two work sessions with the writer and the final piece will be e-mailed to you directly with all requested changes made to the performers specifications. If there are additional edits necessary they can be purchased. Refunds are available for restricted reasons to be determined by the owner.


8. Are there refunds, exchanges, or returns on purchased pieces?

No. ALL purchases are final. Not liking a piece and wanting a refund, exchange or return is not our business practice. Please take time to read the very detailed descriptions in addition to the "teaser" that is avalible once you click the title of the piece to read. It is our goal to give you as much information as possible to feel comfortable purchasing the piece.

9. Prewritten pieces are published and CANNOT be edited. If you purchase a prewritten piece you are purchasing it as is with the understanding that editing is only possible with the Always Writing 4 U Service. 

10.  Do we have any pre-written pieces for purchase?
Yes, if you would like to simply read through the pieces that have already been written, you can read through the synopsis. These selections are $40.00 - $60.00 each. These pieces can be found in the "Shop & Cart" tab at the top of the page.


11. How do I receive my selection after purchase?

With every online purchase Paypal sends a confirmation to Always Writing 4 U. After your purchase is made via the website we will receive the mailing address you would like the hard copy with publication information sent. I will be able to see which selection you purchased but will need an e-mail address to get your piece to you as soon as possible. You will be charged $5.00 at time of purchase for shipping and handling. *The e-mail address and shipping address that is connected to your Paypal account is where your purchase will be sent unless a different address is communicated with the business @


12. Payment options:

  • You may pay online with a credit card through PayPal.

  • You may also mail a check (personal or school) to the business address. 

  • If you need a W9 for your school please let me know via e-mail.

  • Receipts will be e-mailed upon receipt of funds.

  • PO (Purchase Order)- if you need me to invoice you for an order so you can create a Purchase Order simply e-mail me your order and I will get you an invoice with in 24 hours.

13. All pieces are pure Fiction and Fan Fare.  None of the pieces written by this company are true, biographical or autobiographical. All are fictional stories for the purpose of entertainment. 

14. Who owns the rights to the pieces written?

Always Writing 4 U owns ALL rights to ALL pieces it writes and publishes. These pieces are published through Always Writing 4 U and are the sole property of the business and its owner Kristy Thomas or any other writer hired by said company.


15. All Always Writing 4 U writing experiences require communication between the purchaser and the writing team. This communication should happen via e-mail. This ensures that all communication is clear and understood by both parties. If communication between the two stops Always Writing 4 U reserves the right to publish the literary work. If no work has begun and communication is not happening a refund of the amount paid will be given. The client will receive their hard copy but this company DOES reserve the right to finish the publishing process if communication is not conitnued and the process is in a standstill. The expectation is that within 14 business days of noncommunication Always Writing 4 U will publish and finish the contracted service by mailing the client a hard copy.


15A. If you purchase the Always Wrting 4 U service communication is expected and necessary. If the client pays for the service and never finishes the communication coorespndence, OR communication stops within the writing/ publishing process after 14 days of noncommunication Always Writing 4 U will reatin the paid amount, publish the piece as is, send a final copy to the client, hence completing the contractual commitment.


15B. For all who purchase the Always Writing 4 U service: you may NOT compete with an Always Writing 4 U piece until it has been published. It is illegal to compete with a piece that is not published. When we have finished your desired edits and the publishing process happens a PDF copy of the piece will be e-mailed to you. When the final PDF is sent the piece has officially been published and is leagal to compete with. Your hard copy will be in the mail shortly after. 


16. ALL PIECES ARE PUBLISHED. Always Writing 4 U is the publishing company. (Any piece available on the website is published.)


17. There are published pieces that may not have made it to the website just yet. If there is a piece that you are looking for please contact me directly and I will be able to take care of any questions or purchasing inquiries.


18. Each Always Writing 4 U service purchase comes with TWO editing sessions, including oratory edits. 


19. Please allow three- four weeks to complete the full Always Writing 4 U process. *If any issues arise please be readily available for assistance. Also do not expect for the process to be rushed because of a deadline not set by the business. 


20. Always Writing 4 U does NOT write autobiographies for publication. *This is a creative writing process on the side of the business that can not happen if 100% of the creativity is that of the client/ storyteller.


21. Always writing 4 U pieces are written for high school and/ or for college competitors. There are SOME pieces that could work for middle school but know that they are not the initial target competitive audience.


22. When using the Always Writing 4 U service if you require extra edits past the initial two that come with the service they are at a rate of $25.00 per extra edit. This can be paid for on the "shop and cart" tab.


23. ***If you are interested in the Always Writing 4 U service please make sure you contact Kristy at to get an idea of the present workload and a time estimate for your first rough draft completion.


Should any questions, comments or concerns arise about the business or any of the works published here, please feel free to contact me, Kristy Thomas, via e-mail or cell phone. As the owner and creative voice of the business, I am more than happy to answer your questions about my business practices. 

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