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How does "Always Writing 4 U" work?

My goal is simple - work with my client to ensure that the story they have on their heart and in their mind gets properly put onto paper. 
Uniquely, the service allows you to be an active participant in the story that is being told. You no longer have to search for that special play or book ... let me write it for you!

*ZOOM SESSION: Let's work on your piece via ZOOM! E-mail me to schedule a work session.
$85.00 per hour (This includes college audition work sessions)
*WRITTEN PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: Record your piece, e-mail it to me and I will write you a very specific evaluation. 
$85.00 per piece
*FIND MY PIECE: Need assistance finding a right fit for you? We can help. Contact us with an idea of what you are looking for and we will compile three options, send the first page of the piece for you to read then make a decision. Once the decision is made we will send you the entire cutting. NOTE: the service is for three options ONLY, all options may not be from the Always Writing 4 U catalog, you may need tp purchase the hard copy for your documentation if piece is not from our catalog at your own expense. If they are from our catalog the service fee pays for the hard copy of the piece.
*ORATORY EDITING: E-mail your oratory to me and I will write comments directly on to the oratory of ways that you can work on, edit, and change your oratory. I will give suggestions and ideas for things to make the oratory stronger and also assist with formatting. (This price includes two full edits.)
*85.00 per piece
*CONSULTING: I believe that opening young performers to the world of speech is a wonderful gift. Sometimes getting started is the most difficult step to take. I have had the joy and challenge of creating a speech team from the ground up and maintaining a successful squad for years. I find that knowing what to do first, last and in between is always the challenge. If you are recreating your team or starting a new team I would like to help.

Hiring a consultant allows someone from the outside to come in and assist you to strengthen what you already have. It also allows you, the coach, to observe as new ideas are presented to you in addition to your students. Sometimes the best method of teaching is learning.


Please contact me for more information about consulting fees for one school or for a group of coaches interested in building. 


***Some services also possible during the school year as well.

*IN SERVICE/ WORKSHOP ENGAGEMENTS: Please e-mail me directly with dates and expectations and we will discuss the contract. *A deposit is associated with this service for a reservation.

​I want to write for you

This is how it works: 
1. E-mail me that you would like me to write a piece for you. I will respond that I accept your request. This may come with information on a timeline. If I have other works in front of you I will give you an idea on an expected first draft date.
2. You must fill out the "Always Writing 4 U Contract" with any order in this category. You can download the contract on the bottom of every page, sign and return.
3. If you are a student your coach or parent MUST sign the contract as you can not enter into a contract. This is required. 
4. Purchase the "Always Writing 4 U" service via the website. 
5. I will clean up the summary and send it to you for approval before I begin writing. 
6. I will contact you that the rough draft of the piece is finished and send it to you.
7. Edit sessions (2), if needed. I will walk you through this.
8. The piece will be published.
9. Your piece is finished! 
10. Your piece will not have a name or author until published.
11. ***Your piece may NOT be used at competition until they have been published. Using them prior to this is illegal on the state and national level.
This process should be no longer than 30 business days from the beginning of the acceptance of the job (You will receive an e-mail)

The goal is for the competitor to be able to tell the story that they think is worthy of being told.

Service available for high school and college competitors.

Prices: Write for you service: $100.00
All rights for pieces are the ownership of Always Writing 4 U

School Team Workshops
I also organize and execute oral interp team workshops. These workshops will require me to travel to your school for the one - on - one workshop experience. The prices will vary depending on the number of students, length of time, expectations, etc.
Please contact me directly regarding this service. 
This service requires a nonfreundable deposit that goes toward the total of the workshop as well as a contract.
If you are interested in auditioning for colleges majoring in acting I would love to assist in that process.
1. Online monologue assistance
2. College application and essay assistance. (additional fee)


​Shop pre-written pieces
Always Writing 4 U also offers an opportunity to shop through brief synopses of other oral interpretation pieces that have been written and can be purchased and e-mailed directly to you. There are multiple pieces available and are separated by category.

Please bear in mind that these pieces may need to be edited for high school competition. Please check with your coach before you purchase a piece from the store.

Prices: $40.00-$60.00
Be Creative!​​
The most challenging and exciting aspect about performance and being a performer is that you have the ability to tell someone else's story and make it your own. As you address your pieces for this year, come to the work with an open mind and see every piece that you are doing as a new and different challenge.

Tell your story - it is the best story ever told.
-Kristy Thomas


AvaIlable immediately. Contact me via this site and schedule a time to work...AND GROW.

$85 per hour



Available immediately. If your theatre department would like to have a group work session for auditioning skills, college auditions or other contact me.

**Price TBD**

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