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My name is Dr. Kristy Thomas and I have been in the world of oral interpretation since I was a freshman in high school. Now, over thirty years later, I am still as in love with the art of interpretation as I was back then. I presently run two small businesses: Always Writing 4 U and Thomas DEI Consulting (DEIA Consulting firm)
I competed on the high school level as well as on the college level and have been a coach, in some respect, since I graduated from high school in 1996. I had been coaching my own team in Texas for eight years when I finally decided that the time is right to share the next level of being an active participant in this craft, introducing Kristy - the writer.

My achievements in forensics began when I was in high school as a competitor and was a semifinalist at the NSDA National Tournament in 1996 in duo interpretation. My greatest accomplishment as a performer occurred on the college level when I was in the final rounds of five events at the state tournament placing second in poetry and prose, and first in duo, dramatic, and program oral interpretation at the Missouri state tournament. As a coach in Texas I had state finalists in duo, duet, oratory, and dramatic; semifinalists in the aforementioned events as well as humorous, prose and poetry; two duo state champions and one in dramatic. I have also had state finalists in University Interscholastic League (UIL) prose and poetry, NSDA semifinalists in duo and dramatic and a second place finalist in poetry at the 2012 NFL National Tournament all as a coach.

Since the creation of this business I have had a constant presence students in finals as well as champions at state tournaments and TOC tournaments across the country as well as in the final round at NSDA, including middle school NSDA. At NSDA in we have had finalists in: DI, DUO, Prose and POI (selections) as well as National Champions in DI, Prose (5), POI (anchor).

I love what I do; I do it well and I do it with a great deal of preparation and pride. Now I want to assist you to tell your story. My motto is simple: Tell your story, it is the best story ever told.
I am, at my core, an actor and an educator. I have a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Speech and Theatre Education from Missouri State University, Masters of Fine Arts in Acting and Directing from University of Missouri Kansas City, Masters of Business Administration in Educational Leadership with Principal Certification from LeTourneau University, Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University and will receive my Doctorate EdD in Higher Education with a certificate in Organizational Management from Rockhurst University in May of 2024. *I am presently certified in the states of: Missouri, Texas, Kansas and California.

I write because I love to tell stories. I coach because I love to assist students in telling better stories. And I want to work with you because I enjoy doing all of the above.
Welcome to Always Writing 4 U!


"Wow is the word I would use to describe the selection written for my student!  This current selection is no different from others Kristy Thomas has written.  Kristy's style is truly a gift; it's  professional, yet personal.  To be able to sit down and create an award - winning piece is phenomenal; and yet, Kristy is able to do this with the appearance of ease.  She is able to create selections based on one's personal experiences and yet put them into a professionally stylized manner for tournament presentation.  Although Kristy has only been professionally writing for a short time, I am sure Kristy Thomas or "Elise Sharron" is a name that will go into the record books!"

—  Jacquelyn Young

National Speech and Debate Hall of Fame

Five Diamond Coach

Past Director of Forensics Blue Springs High School, Missouri

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