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AW4U is committed to DEIAB efforts

AW4U aims to offer students and coaches dynamic stories that represent diverse populations of students and their stories. We want all students who participate in this activity to feel like the stories they are telling are coming from "the skin I'm in." 

We respect all marginalized persons and want your story to be told as well. Our DEIAB efforts also include an understanding and education of accessibility as well as belonging for all. 

We house a lot of dynamic stories for all people on the AW4U site, however if there is a story on our site that you are interested in that may need a change of pronouns for your ability to feel comfortable performing, please reach out to us. As long as it does not affect the "author's intent" we will gladly give written permission for a story to be edited within those parameters to fit the change that is being asked of us. This applies to stories that maybe written for a specific racial origin of people as well. Send us an e-mail, we are always open to active dialogue.

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