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Preparing for auditions can be stressful. It can be difficult to know if the audition monologues you have chosen are strong enough, showcase your talent well, and have been properly rehearsed. I love working with actors on the preparation of monologues and the homework that is required to not only present yourself to the best of your abilities but to feel like you've left the best piece of yourself on the stage every time. The smartest actor is the one who realizes that the work is never done and that you always want the best set of eyes on your performance. Critique, create, perfect and continue to push forward to the next opportunity to shine. Auditioning skills are key! Let me assist you to build your skills. 


Below are some actors that I have had the pleasure of working with and their testimonials. These young men and women worked with me on their auditions for college accptance as well as show auditions. It is a pleasure to say that I worked with each and every one of them.

Londyn W.

Roosevelt University, Chicago

BFA Musical Theatre Major

Class of 2027

"After some time, it was not enough to just practice in front of my mirror anymore. I needed feedback from someone outside of myself and my family. Kristy was that someone. Kristy helped me to hone in and enhance my existing knowledge and abilities. With her help, I was able to accomplish what I thought I could not. I went from not performing in over three years to auditioning for sixteen different colleges including Julliard, New York University, and fourteen others. We shared many laughs and even a tear or two. I can tell you every tear was worth it. She squashed many of my self doubts. She helped me to bloom. If you are planted in the shade, or even in the gravel, Kristy can help to blossom you into the flower you were meant to be."

Emma Jacobson- Headshot.jpeg

Emma J. 

Columbia College, Chicago

BFA Musical Theatre Major

Class of 2026

“ Kristy Thomas has truly been an integral part of my theatrical journey. She has the ability to see her students as “the whole person”, and not just the performer. Her transparency, authenticity and honesty helps to transform her students’ performances from mediocre to authentic and fantastic. She truly wants her students to be the best that they can be, and always ensures that they are putting their best foot forward in every piece. Without Kristy’s teachings and mentorship, I would not be confident in my acting skills or sense of self as a performer. Anyone would be lucky to get the chance to work with Kristy. There is truly no one like her.”

Lauren R.
Northern Illinois University
BFA in Acting Class of 2025


"Kristy is a mentor, a mother figure, and a dear friend. From fixing life crises’ to helping me get into college, she is the foundation of my growth in acting, as well as becoming the person I am today. She dedicates herself to ensuring you are always prepared for anything that comes. Kristy’s work speaks for itself. I once texted her, “I just woke up.” She responded with, “I’ve flown to Atlanta and had two cups of coffee and a meal.” It was 10 am…. That’s Kristy Thomas. A full-blown powerhouse."


Isabelle A. 
Northern Illinois University 
BFA in Acting Class of 2023

"Before working with Kristy Thomas, you should ask yourself if you are prepared to grow. As a performer I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and as a student getting ready for college, I was taught a whole new level of professionalism and organization. College auditions were hands down the most stressful and anxiety ridden experience, but with Miss Kristy’s guidance and critiques I was prepared, confident, and able to actually enjoy the process of the next steps towards my future. My worst fear as an actress was that I didn’t have what it took, that perhaps my family and past directors were never really honest with my accolades and compliments; Miss Kristy was the kind of theatre teacher I have been searching for since the beginning of high school.

 With her, there is no sugar coating, and her critiques won’t come gently, but that is what creates the growth. As performers we respect honesty, we want to watch an honest performance, and hope to become the kind of actors that can put on an honest performance. Kristy is the most honest and real person I have ever met, and it’s thanks to her that I am attending my first choice in the fall."


Toby O.

University of Evansville BFA in Acting  Class of 2012

University of California at San Diego MFA in Acting

Class of 2015

"Kristy was an integral part of my acceptance into an undergraduate theatre program. She helped me select and prepare the best audition material to showcase my skills in a diverse and concise manner, and to this day i still consult her for advice."



Zach M.
Coastal Carolina University  BFA in Acting class of 2019

"Kristy Thomas not only coaches; she inspires. She helped me tremendously with my college auditions critiquing, analyzing, and truly mentoring me all the way through until the very end. She always taught me how to ‘keep telling stories.’"

Daniel G.
Long Island University
BFA in Acting class of 2017

“Kristy Thomas was a godsend when it came to college auditions, ranging from helping me construct my acting resume to knowing which of the millions of audition monologues out there fit my acting style best. With her invaluable wisdom and support, by the end of the audition process I felt I had gained not just an acting coach, but a mentor. When it comes to helping high school actors achieve their college dreams, Kristy is the best person for the job.” 


Chloe V.

Rider University

BFA in Musical Theatre class of 2016

"Kristy has a natural inclination toward guiding young people. I was the self-assured, know it all 17 year old that some teachers would just let be- not willing to tackle the stubbornness of a teenager who was convinced she knew way more than she did. Kristy took me in with a love in her heart and a determination to help me reach the potential that she saw in me. With patience, firmness, and a lot of love, she challenged me to be better as a person AND an artist. She demanded my best every day, never letting me coast or take the easy way out. She made me work, she made me think, she held me to the standard that I was truly capable of, and she even kept me laughing and having fun while doing it. That's talent. Kristy never faltered in her effort to help me grow, and that paid off. She is the backbone for any and all successes I've had today, from musical theatre, to speech and debate, to getting my BFA, to functioning as an adult in New York City (I'll keep y'all posted on that one). She is an invaluable gem- an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend."

Brit G.

Nebraska Wesleyan University 

BFA Acting class of 2014

"At the end of high school, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and lost. I watched as deadlines for universities were getting closer and closer and I still had no idea what I wanted to do or where was going to be the right fit for me. I recently had fallen in love with the theatre program at my high school run by a Miss Kristy Thomas and I knew that theatre was what I wanted to pursue, but had no idea about how to break into the world of collegiate theatre programs. Kristy guided me through the audition processes and setting goals for what I might look for in a program. 



After some tough soul searching and some missed deadlines out of my own procrastination and fear, Kristy pulled me aside and hit me with some hard truths. That moment was a game changer in my journey to pursuing theatre and with her guidance and a little tough-loving I was able to find a program that was exactly what I wanted and needed." 

Courtney D.
Otterbein University
BFA Musical Theatre with Dance Concentration
Class of 2015

"Ms. Thomas completely changed the way I saw theater and the way I saw myself. She encouraged me from the very beginning to be true to myself and to use that truth to tell my character's stories. She is a strong teacher that only accepts the best, and she will push you in ways that are both gratifying and liberating. Ms. Thomas helped me to find my voice as an actor and therefore find my voice within. She is a true educator, artist, and friend and her lessons to "Just Be" have and will stick with me for the rest of my life."

Anthony T. 

University of Texas at Austin

BFA in Acting

Class of 2020


"Kristy Thomas is a privilege to work with, and was supportive to me throughout my audition process. She helped me attain a level of professionalism and confidence in both auditioning and living that I didn't even know existed within me, and for that I will forever be grateful."

Myles P.

Nebraska Wesleyan University

BFA Musical Theatre Class of 2016

"I had no clue where to start when it came to looking for a University that was right for me. I remember that I was going to apply to the University of North Texas with a major in something that didn't even exist there. I was clueless. Kristy was my guide throughout the whole process. She helped me with every aspect of finding the right school for me, creating my resume, what songs or monologues I auditioned with, how to audition. She taught me how excel as and actor and a person. Kristy was my key into the school that was right for me. Kristy Thomas knows what she's talking about."

Amanda C.

University of Indiana Evansville

BFA Acting Class of 2021

"Working with Miss Kristy has really pushed me as an actress. She has shown me things that I had never thought about and have been so vital to my success as an actress. She tells you how it really is because nothing good comes out of pretending that you did something right or to the best of your ability. She can see your potential and stretch you, and you know she's stretching you because you not be comfortable. It'll be difficult and tiring but it's worth it in the end. Miss. Kristy loves to hear your questions, I could literally text her about anything at anytime and I'd get an answer. She has made such an impact on how I approach acting and I appreciate her so much for that."

Beaven W. 

Webster University

BFA Acting Class of 2017

“Kristy has been a vibrant and powerful force in my life for many years. When I was younger and working to gain acceptance into a BFA program, she led me to a grounded place where I could be certain that passion is a precious and certain thing. Through her own passion for truth and storytelling, she gave me the confidence to pursue what I wanted with a full heart and an open mind. An understanding of the theatre is something that, though hard work, can be achieved, but her insight and compassion for human nature is something that I believe is very rare to come by. Furthermore, her ambitious temperament has gained her many connections with people in the business all over the country. Her ethos is as valuable as her insight, and indeed the two inform one-another. In fact, the school that I ultimately found myself at was the direct result of a friendship I had made through one of her connections. I could compose a phonebook with the connections I have made because of the work Kristy has already done. I anticipate that her charismatic wisdom will continue to shape my direction.”

Nicole C.

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) 

BFA Acting Class of 2020

"When I first met Kristy it was my senior year, I was going to a brand new school, and had the privilege of meeting this fantastic mentor. She offered to take me under her wing and I said yes! Kristy is someone who takes one look at you and knows what your capable of. I had a sense that she saw something in me that I didn’t. She believed in me. I didn’t know anything about college auditions; I just knew I wanted to act. My parents and I were mainly worried about college and didn’t start applications until about a quarter into the year! Kristy helped me every step of the way; through every frustrating moment, deadline, sweat, blood, tears, you name it. But what I didn’t realize was that Kristy was turning the situations around on me. I started to realize that she was helping me to become an independent, determined, go-getting young lady. 

 At the end of the year I got accepted to many colleges, two of them were a part of my top four choices. I am currently attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) on scholarship working on my BFA in Performing Arts/Acting. Kristy’s coaching helped me grow and flourish not only as an actress, but also as an adult. To this day I still keep in contact with her for any question or concern I may have. She is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet and she is wise beyond her years. I am so blessed that God has placed someone like her in my life. She will forever be one of my greatest mentors and friends."

Matt S.

Long Island University NYC

BFA Acting Class of 2021

 "College auditions are stressful and overwhelming for any aspiring young actor or actress. However, in the hands of Kristy Thomas, college planning is made easy with her extensive knowledge and connections in the theatre world. If I had not chosen to work with Ms.Thomas I quite honestly would have remotely no idea what I was doing. She works with her college auditioners from the very start of the year, making us more prepared than 90% of the other people auditioning. Even comparing myself to my fellow classmates who chose not to work with Kristy, I can say that I definitely made the right choice after seeing them stressed and trying to find monologues a week before our local auditions. Ms.Thomas' process had me easily ready to audition a month before the actual event, which made me much more comfotable when the real auditions came around. 

With her is always a learning experience, because she is a true professional and has the knowledge and experiences that teachers and classmates do not. Her work sessions can be taxing at times, but she holds nothing back and is only trying to make you the best you can possibly be. She is always just a phone call or text away and stays with you even after the audition process to help with college planning and decisions. I am very greatful to have worked with Kristy and wouldn't have it any other way!"   

Keaton J.

Lindenwood University

BFA Acting Class of 2021

"The journey wouldn't be an interesting story without Ms. Kristy, has been my biggest mentor throughout this  whole process when I say trusting her through this process was a blessing. Growing up I always wanted to be the sports star, which I still am don't get my wrong, but I realized that  acting has always been a dream of mine, ever since I fell in love with it my junior year in high school. Now its time to turn that dream into a reality for myself, and taking Ms. Kristy program has helped me do that. For Sanford Meisner once said, "Courage means willing to risk everything." No pun intended, but I know one thing, when people hear my name, I want them to look at my story of how I got here, for my ambition carries me."

IMG_0370 (1).JPG

Darius F.

Oklohoma City University

BFA Acting Class of 2021

"Working with Kristy Thomas has truly changed my life. I remember meeting her my sophomore year at speech camp and I remember being extremely nervous and afraid of her , but by the end of that camp I walked out knowing for sure , that I would be successful because of her. Over the years our relationship has grown tremendously, and she's been a great mentor and friend. Going into college auditions was scary , but thrilling. I knew that I wanted to become an actor but I didn't know how to really go about doing everything. Working with Kristy taught me how to have great work ethic, positivity , confidence, and much more. I walked out of our mock auditions knowing that I was ready, and it was all because of Kristy Thomas. She always told me that I had so much talent and it really meant the world to hear that coming from a person like her. She became my second mom and without her in my life pushing me, nagging me, and helping me strive for success, I wouldn't be where I am today. She might get on your nerves sometimes but it's all worth it in the end. I walked out of the North Texas auditions with 34 callbacks from university's and it was all because of Kristy Thomas and her pushing me to be the best me I can be. I was able to turn my dreams of becoming a actor into a reality. After narrowing down colleges and doing lots of research, 

Chandler H. 
University of Kentucky
BA in Theatre with Acting emphasis 
Class of 2014

"Preparing for college auditions was completely terrifying as a young actor.  When Kristy came in, she relaxed my nerves and gave me a solid foundation to my work. She helped teach me what every chair of department is looking for in a young actors' audition."

I found a program that I believe will benefit me indefinitely in the future. Nothing that I've accomplished would have been possible without Kristy Thomas. She's been my strongest support system, outside of my family and friends. I'm so thankful and blessed to have worked with her. She's the true definition of a role model, mentor, and friend. Anybody that comes across her, I bet they can tell you, that she changed their life in one way or the other. It doesn't stop here though, she'll always be in my life and I know we'll both make sure of that. She is Kristy Thomas , one of the best people I've ever worked with and I'm sure she'll still continue to change lives and make dreams come true. Kristy Thomas is .. a phenomenal woman." 

Julia B.

Texas State University

BA in Performance & Production

Class of 2021

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been able to work with Kristy Thomas. She genuinely cares about the young people that she works with and has made me feel so much more confident in myself not only as an actress, but as a woman. I never felt “good enough” before I started working with Kristy and she completely turned that around for me. She is one of the most honest, caring, and intelligent women I have ever known and I truly would not be pursuing theatre if it wasn’t for her.  My parents only allowed me to audition for 2 universities which made me believe that I had no chance of getting a callback, but Kristy assured me that nothing is impossible. After many hours of working with Kristy, she and myself noticed immense improvement in my monologues and I actually felt good about myself for once.  I received a call back to my first choice school and have never felt so good about an audition in my life because I developed real confidence. Even though I was not one of the six girls who got accepted into the acting program, I still felt great about myself and I knew that this wasn’t the end for me. I am a Performance and Production Major at Texas State University and I am still taking acting classes and doing what I love. Not getting accepted into the program of your choice or any program at all doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or incapable of reaching your goal. I will continue to work towards my dreams and it is all because of the support and persuasion of the wonderful Ms. Kristy Thomas.

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