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Welcome to Always Writing 4 U Summer Camp Information Page 2021!!! If you have made your way to this page you are interested in attending camp with us this summer. Below is all of the information that you will need for camp.

  • First, the Camp Flyer & Information document that outlines the camp expectations, dates, events offered, and all things camp.

  • Second, the Camp Paperwork which you will need to print and share with your parents because it needs to be filled out and returned to 

  • If you are a coach and want to use a Purchase Order to pay for camp simply e-mail me at the above e-mail and we will get that paperwork going and invoice sent to school.

  • You are NOT guaranteed a spot in the camp until you have A. returned the paperwork and B. purchased the camp

  • You will receive a confirmation once your slot is solid.

  • *Space is limited and dates will be removed as the weeks reach maximum capacity. 

Camp Paperwork

(All camps online)

Any student attending camp will need to print, fill out and return. *Some sections are for parents. 

Camp Flyer & Information

All camp information can be found HERE!

Purchase Camp BELOW

Camp only NO piece 

NSDA Presence

Always Writing 4 U pieces that have made it to the National Speech and Debate Association tournament and placings.

Camp w/ piece provided
Camp w/ POI




Payment Methods

(Zelle & Purchase Orders upon request)


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