In this collection, we see how a woman deals with the difficult reality of gender equality. In “Man vs. Woman” a mother and father must attempt to explain to their little girl that what the little boys said at school was wrong, that she can do anything they can do. As told through the eyes of the mother the heart break is clear. It is a moment in time when we realize that the things other say can create a belief in even a child that they could hold onto. In “Mom Model” tells the story of a young lady who is preparing to give a speech in class about role models. She is the only person in the class who chose to do a woman, her mother. Lastly in “All Things Equal” a high school senior gets this as the prompt for a final paper, no other requirements. Thinking it was an easy A she realized she had no idea what this prompt means. While watching televisions he catches Oprah’s speech about equality among men and women and decided this was her destiny. She began to research numbers of inequality, writing them down, amazed at the reality she was living in. the day of the speech she gets a standing ovation from her class, all things could one day be equal, even when all the world says it’s not.

Gender Equality: Man vs. Woman, Mom Model, All Thing

  • The Battle of the Sexes

    Man comes out on top

    Woman fights her way up from the bottom

    Man comes in first

    Woman comes in next

    Man runs the world

    Woman runs behind them

    This is not the poetry that I want to share with my children

    I do not want them to think that a man can do a job that a woman can’t do

    I want them to believe in the things that I know to be true

    And not because I was told but because I see.


    I see women leading troops in wars

    I see women birthing children,

    Raising children,

    Teaching children,

    Running the house hold

    Working full time

    Bringing home the organic bacon

    Cooking it

    Eating it

    Feeding the children and after they finish all that tuck them into bed at night.

    In a room that makes them feel safe.

    In a world where they look up and their idol is the strong woman who made all of these things happen for them.




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