In this collection, we see two different stories of two different survivors of anorexia nervosa. In “First Time” a person recounts the first day that there was the desire to become anorexic. How something as simple as watching television turned into an eye-opening play by play “how to book” on the eating disorder. Realizing that their thoughts quickly turned into desire and then into addiction. An illness that overtook their life. Sharing with us the things that became the priority: weighing, journaling, exercising, and losing everything that made them who they were. Finally, they get the help they need and are able to reflect on what moving forward means. In “Near Death” a person suffering from anorexia nervosa shares the story of the day that they died, literally. On a hike in the desert in conditions unsafe for hiking their body begins to shut down. Eventually they pass out, experience a seizure and end up in the hospital. When released from the hospital the rescuers visit and the youngest of the group makes a simple request, “Life won’t let you die twice.”

Overcoming Eating Disorders: First Time, Near Death

  • I remember laughing as I followed my friend home from school like I always did.

    No parents

    No little brothers being a pain in the ass

    Just her and I watching television.

    Click- news

    Click- sports

    Click- soap opera

    Click- wait, this was it, that moment you see something that makes you stop

    Sit on the edge of the couch and really listen in


    “This is Kelly and she is eighteen years old and she weights an astonishing ninety-nine pounds.”


    …She was beautiful.

    Thin so thin.

    She was everything I wanted to be.

    Click- “Turn back! Turn back!”

    Look at her ribs

    The way that her skin fits perfectly on top of her bones

    Do you see it? Tell me you see it?


    There was a website to get more information on Kelly’s story.

    I immediately left and went home.

    I had to research her.




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