This collection deals with a woman sharing different moments and aspects of her life as a lesbian woman. In “When I First Knew” she shares her first memory of knowing she was attracted to women and moving through her life and hitting different milestones of her life. In “She’s Kinda Cute” she shares seeing a woman in the grocery store and how difficult it is for her to approach her and say something. This poem goes back and forth between the woman she sees and the night she came out to her family. It is an interesting representation of where she was and where she is. Lastly in “I Wonder” she shares a small piece of her inner soul in the things that she dreams about, the questions that she “wonders.” It is a powerful piece that presents the world as we are living it from the perspective of someone who sees it from a different set of eyes. This collection is a representation of strength and an account of life and emotions for a young lesbian woman.

Being a Lesbian: When I First Knew, She's Kinda Cut

  • People want to know but no one asks

    So instead they just whisper

    Or sit around a Ouji board and say

    “I wonder when they know that they know.”

    I laugh at those stupid people and say

    Just ask, I’ll tell

    There’s no secrets here

    All that’s needed is your courage to ask.

    Here’s my story.


    I was seven years old playing with a doll in a pink dress when I picked up another doll

    And started making them kiss.

    “Yew, that’s gross!” My idiot little brother said.

    But I looked at them

    I thought

    I dreamed

    I believed it was beautiful.


    I was eleven years old when a little boy kissed me on the playground

    I liked it

    I liked being kissed

    He was nice boy

    But I punched him in the face because

    I didn’t like being kissed by him.

    I knew I wanted to be kissed by a girl but I couldn’t tell anyone

    No one else thought that

    No other girl looked at girls like I did

    It was the beginning of my closeted life as a woman who looks

    At other women as beautiful creatures

    I apologized for the punch but I realize that it was

    That kiss that confirmed it.

    I was different.

    Not disgusting


    Or all of the other things that came into my lesbian vocabulary later in life-

    Just different.




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