This collection addresses three different people and their experiences after and during a kidnap situation. In “Trusted Ride” the victim shares with us what happened to them leading up to the moment that they got into the car with someone that they thought they could trust. It ended up that this wasn’t someone that they should have come into personal contact with. Once in the car they realize that the situation is vital and the person is not going to let them go. The memories of what life was, will it be again or will they never see their loved ones again? In “Darkness Conversation” we see a person waking up in the trunk of a car and the moments are they awaken trying to put the situation into words. Trying to figure out where they are, what is happening, what do they see, hear, smell, things that can help them to stay alive. The liquid in their eyes is blood, maybe? What do they want? Who are they? Where are they taking me? A conversation in complete darkness, with no one to talk to and no one but themselves to listen to what could be their last conversation. “Recovery” is the final chapter. A person in recovery from being kidnapped. They share the steps that they have to take on a daily basis to be able to put one foot in front of the other and continue on with life. It is a difficult daily struggle but with support recovery and restart of life is possible. ***Performer can be either male or female.***

Being Kidnap Victim: Trusted Ride, Darkness Convers

  • Patience.



    What I lacked was what I needed.

    Being able to stand now in reflection of the decision

    The moment

    The idea

    The second

    The beat and pulse and heartbeat and vein pulse

    Of that moment when I decided to do the simple thing

    “Just get in the car” he said.


    I watched for a moment standing in the rain

    Covered in the rain

    It was just water from the heavens

    Why does no one want to stand in the rain?

    I wish I had stood in the rain

    Gotten soaked from head to toe

    Reverted back to the days of my childhood when I was

    Just the innocent child running


    Screaming with my mom or dad or little brother

    Playing in the rain as a family.

    “Just get in the car, it’s pouring cats and dogs.” He said.




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