In this collection we see a woman (could easily be edited for a young man as well) that is addressing her awareness of her depression. In “Who Am I” she sits in her psychiatrists office watching her spin in her chair and click her pen, making notes on her yellow notebook. Her hypersensitivity allows her to see all the things in others and not in herself. But when she dives into how she got to sit in that seat we see her soul in a very precious way. In “Quiet Voices” we dive into the internal conversations that people living with depression must fight through on a daily basis. The fight of listening to what is in your head versus what you try to know to actually be the truth of the life you are living. It is a poem that shows how powerful those inner voices can be and gives an idea to those not experiencing it how debilitating it can be to not be able to turn off the negativity that comes with depression. Finally, in “Say, I Love Me” a woman has a daily mantra that she fights to actually say. Staring at herself in the mirror she is forced to see all of the things that she thinks are real then reflect on what is actually real. Finally, she gets to a point where she can say “I love me.” This poem shows us that these three little words are a fight for some people but getting to the end should definitely be celebrated.

Depression: Who Am I, Quiet Voices, Say "I Love Me

  • My doctor often sits across from me

    Legs crossed

    Smiling at me

    Looking at me

    Judging me

    Telling me I’m overthinking her support of me

    My issues

    The things in my head

    The stress of life

    The force that pushes on my head every single day telling me that I

    -I am not am I.


    I am not am I.

    I’m not.

    I’m a tornado swirling of we in a dead sea of us and a black darkness of them.


    Those are my thoughts doctor.

    Take what you can

    Understand what makes sense to you


    She clicks her pen


    She’s writing something on her pad of paper

    The paper of my future is sitting in her lap

    Yellow lined paper

    Why yellow?

    Why a blue pen?

    The challenge of depression is that my mind is moving

    My mind is bulldozing through life and I am


    Sprinting for an unmarked finish line

    Where at the end stands on the right my single mother crying

    Telling me that I am pretty

    Telling me that I’m perfect the way I am

    Telling me that I am smart




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