This collection of poetry deals with the separation of generations and the challenges they present. In this coming of age sort of story we see the same story told from two different perspectives. First we have the perspective of the grandfather that is raising his grandson after his son dies. He loves his grandson but as he gets older he sees the separation that they have. The lack of communicating face to face, he doesn't leave his room because everything he lives for is in his room. His grandson loves his grandfather and we know that but he wishes that he could connect with him like he wants to. The Grandson poem tells the story of a loving kid who appreciates his grandfather and loves him dearly. He sees the separation but it’s just life to him. These poems run side-by-side sharing both of their realities and is very emotionally charged with love and appreciation on both sides. Beautiful moments of the grandson showing him how to use a cell phone, grandpa cooking dinner for his grandson’s girlfriend and how to take pictures. In the end of the poems the grandson is leaving for college, he sits on the front porch and shows grandpa how to work his new cell phone so that he can call him, take and receive pictures and always have a piece of him with him. These poems can be done separately one after the other or can be woven so that each perception of their reality can be seen at the same time.

Generational Differences: Grandpa, Grandson

  • Grandpa


    The most difficult thing for a father to do is to bury his son. I will never forget that day. I sat in the front row of the church staring at my son who was not staring back at me. But I could hear his voice in my head. Telling me, “It’s okay dad. I died doing what I love, defending this country like you taught me too. Do me one favor, take care of my son.“

    I thought being a father was the most important task that I would ever take on in my life. I soon realized that it was being a grandfather.


    Being a grandfather to my grandson who no longer had his father. Jackson was only three years old when my son passed away. He didn’t know him how I wanted him to know my son, but he loved him, he looked fror him and he missed him.




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