Love might be the most difficult concept anyone will ever experience. It is that thing that we all want because from what we have heard it gives us the most amazing feeling. But when love is always running in the opposite direction of where you are, love becomes the thing in the far away distance that is never really tangible. But we never stop wanting it, never stop hoping that the next relationship will be “the one.” The last time we have to yearn for it. In Missing we hear the story of someone who has found love but then loses it and spends a lot of their time trying to understand why this has happened to them. Asking the person who holds the love why they won’t give it to them anymore. In The Search it is the game of hide and seek that people looking for love may feel like they are playing. Never the right person, never the right time, never finding love and yet we never give up. It is the painful reality that we want love so much we will never walk away from the possibility of actually having it even if it means years of wanting what you can’t have.

***This collection can be done by either a male of a female poet. The poet has permission from the writer to edit as needed.

Endless Search for Love: Missing, The Search

  • Everything happens for a reason.

    A random accident

    A slip of the tongue

    A fall with the outreached hand of a stranger

    A message.

    A note.

    I clicked the box and the, “everything that happens,” happened to me.


    As I pour over my emotions

    Try to keep my mind in check

    Trying to remember back to a time

    A day

    A moment

    A millisecond

    When I didn’t hear your name

    Think of you

    Feel your hands around my waist

    Smell you on my skin

    Just one second

    I can’t clear my mind to find one of those

    When I didn’t love you.


    Fighting back tears over the letter of my storytelling

    Wiping away the tears as if they can wipe away the connection

    The smile that you have forever painted on my face and in my heart.

    You painted my heart.

    A tattoo that I see very morning

    A permanent part of who I am

    A scar that I can’t cover

    Or a beauty mark that brings me joy

    You are there.

    Inside of me so deep that I couldn't be rid of you if I wanted to.




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