A Collection About Being a Young Black Man: Square 1, Recreation, Chronicles Of A Drive-by

There are many things that can be said about being a young black man. Within the text of these poems lays a center of focus that gives us a light into a place that has been very dark but always with a ray of hope in the midst. A collection about starting from the beginning, the Square 1 of the situation, then analyzing the reality of what is it that we see on television that sets our fear? Fear of what? Finally a poem that speaks on the happenings on a day when there is a drive by. This collection is a day in the life of an African American boy in Any town, USA (Dramatic)

Being a Young Black Man

  • Square 1 Here lies Square 1. Searching for a life to co exist with an entire nation that sees you as unequal. We have been here before, but this square was different then. Hate was always the dictator, leaving love to drown in a sea of blood, shed by men and woman who was seen as fruit, an object dangling from a tree, never being cut down unless master wanted to use their bones as fire wood. This square was filled with broken promises and lost hope that we have yet to find. Rather we find rotting nooses, and ashes of wood that was once a cross, and so many black men got the luxury to play Jesus Christ, hung high, and stretched wide. Then set ablaze as white men and their children watched the smoke flow from earth to the heavens like an SOS that took God 400 years to answer. Do you hear me now. Because in this square the times have changed but the tactics are the same. We are still here, and hate has not left either. It has taken the nooses away and now they have gotten up close and personal with their doings. They use to use batons but they realized if you hit a skull so many times eventually it will break, so they went to guns splattering blood onto the ground, using black bodies as sidewalk art, but they still don't think that's creative enough.




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