A Collection About Being An Abused Woman: Black and Blue, Reasons Why

Domestic violence is ever-present in today’s society and the questions are always the same, we want to know why? Why do women choose to stay and in these volatile situations? The hope is that within this collection of poetry we start to understand the unheard voice of abused women. A voice that has been silenced and not listened to, but now is the time to realize that these women have always been talking to us in their own silent fear. These poems are a voice to the battered woman and a glimpse into trying to poetically address and the reasons why. Black and Blue addresses how this woman sees the bruises on her body translated into poetry. Reasons Why shares one woman’s abuse story from beginning to the end.

Being An Abused Woman

  • Black and Blue I never liked black I never liked blue Never liked black and blue The colors or the black eye I couldn't cover The colors of my bruise that he lovingly gave me Good old black and blue No friends of mine No relation I dare to say I hate them and what they stand for I don’t stand I have never stood Next to Mr. Black and Blue Up to Mr. Black and Blue I fall and cower I run and hide I shame my parents I will not allow children to join me With Mr. Black and Blue They scare me they do Mr. Black and Blue Swimming in my home Other than that they live on my face On my neck Hand prints on my back Painful to move with Mr. Black and his friend Blue hanging on to me Never letting me go I think of fighting I think of doing things different I even thought of leaving but as I packed my bag I thought he was gone I thought I was alone Lonely Solo How I felt floating on the river At dusk Fog all around me Boat not moving No paddles Mr. Black I yelled