A Collection About Being Gay and Personal Acceptance: Love Is Just Love, SLAM!

This collection tells two very different stories that all come to the same conclusion; there is nothing wrong with being who you are and there is definitely nothing wrong with being gay. In “Love Is Just Love” a soft-spoken man talks about his first love, a boy he sat next to in elementary school. He soon realizes that he was too young to know what these feelings were but that is the problem with growing up. Something as simple as first loves can be forgotten because life tells us that what we feel can’t be right in certain situations. It’s a simple story of fun, friendship and the recognition of love on the playground. In “SLAM!” we experience a free flowing character who proclaims that he wants to be a rapper but it’s all a front. He’s from the suburbs, he wants to be a rapper but that requires him to be honest about who he is an his life. It is a smart homage to the ability to tell a great story through rap and a coming out story that gives hope to finding freedom in our own skin.

Being Gay and Personal Acceptance

  • Love Is Just Love I remember my first love very clearly. I was seven years old and my mother had just dropped me off at school. His name was Jason. Yes I said his name, because at the end of the day love is love. When class started and the teacher told us that we could sit by whomever we wanted to I jumped at the opportunity to sit next to Jason. In my seven-year-old mind he was tall dark and handsome. And in reality he was picking his nose and eating boogers with the rest of us. He did it in such a cute way. I pulled his hair, he pulled mine. And then it happened, recess. Recess was the best, hand-in-hand Jason and I would play double Dutch together, jump rope, foursquare, kickball, and he was the best pusher on a swing you've ever experienced. Just two kids playing. Boys will be boys. Every day when I came home my mother would ask me how school was. I would tell her all about Jason, my best friend. He was the best. He made me laugh and he even let me cheat off of him on our math test. Because that's what friends do. My mother always thought it was funny that I was best friends with Jason, or that Jason was best friends with me?




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