A Collection About College: Frat Party, First Report Card, Declaring A Major

From the perspective of a young, inexperienced college student we see a young woman take her first step out of her parents house and into her dorm. From the all too familiar frat party to the shame and fear of waiting for your parents to get your first report card and see that you haven’t done what you went to college to do to finally realizing that yes, you have to major in something. This collection of poetry is a fun and honest look at the challenges of college life. Comedy is always a good way to reflect on times when mom and sad warned you but you just didn’t listen. College, a learning experience for everyone. (Comedic)

About College (female)

  • Frat Party All moved into my dorm Roommates are pretty cool My father was very clear about a few things when I decided to go away for college No boys No boys in my dorm No coed dorms No men- same rules apply No drugs No cigarettes No drunk driving No late nights No clubs No failing grades No babies And absolutely NO frat parties. Let’s be honest To all of my unsuspecting girls With overprotective fathers Going to college Don’t worry it’s not as bad as they made it out to be It’s worse! Worse than any movie I’ve ever seen Worse that the worst stories my father told me about “I know what college boys want. I know what they are thinking. I know how they will manipulate you to get it. I was one of those boys Back in my day.” Jesus Dad I hope not. These guys are terrible. I’m a simple girl Sweats and the t-shirt that I slept in for my 7:00am chemistry class. I didn’t brush my teeth and I still got my backpack carried Still got coffee date offers Still got offers to let them cheat off of their homework If I needed it If I wanted it




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