A Collection About Gay Acceptance: Normal, The Day

The concept of acceptance is a difficult one for many people. Feeling as though we all have the right to our opinion not realizing that voicing that opinion may have a negative affect on someone else. That person may be an adult, they may be a child, but our words mean something, our eyes speak mountains. This collection may be performed by a male or a female student. In “Normal” we see the joy of life through the eyes of an observant child. They ask us to bet eh fly on the wall that sees their family as just the “normal” family that they see them as. It doesn’t matter to this child that both of his parents are dads, they love each other like any family would, just normal. In “The Day” we are walked through the wedding day of a same sex couple and the things that were experienced and the most difficult reality that their brother isn’t attending. We see a day in their life, the things that have happened to them that makes them look at life a little different. And on this day all they want is what we all way, love.

Gay Acceptance

  • Normal It didn't take me long to realize that my house was different. It was a normal house on a normal block with a normal red door a normal white fence a normal dog that barked some might say not so normal. But it was what was inside that house that made everyone look and stare. Turn their heads and glare. Pull out their phones and share. It made people question, made people wonder. Just a normal house on a normal block. The most interesting house on the small block. Knock on the red door, turn the knob and come inside. Still normal. Be the fly on the wall watching in the kitchen buzzing around smelling the most amazing aromas in this normal house. A sound, a normal sound on a normal day at 5 o'clock in the house. It's dad. Dad's home. A jingle of the keys, turn off the lock and in walks dad, into his normal house. There is someone behind, it is me his child. Just a father and his child in their normal house home at 5 o'clock on the dot ready for family dinner because that's what normal families do. The fly is still buzzing. Still watching. Still wondering.




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