The music of any culture is precious and something that we hold close to our hearts. For the Hispanic culture of young girls there was no woman that affected them more than the life and untimely death of Selena. She was a pillar of the community and her music showed little Hispanic girls that anything is possible. They can be beautiful and talented and thrive as a musician in multiple countries. For this young girl all she wants is to do is to sing. She wants to experience the beats of the best music that she grew up on, that was taken away from her. She questions if she can still make a difference in her life without her mentor to help support her. Her poems are rich in culture and connection with her family and Selena’s encouragement. A life taken too soon from the world but especially affected was a generation of little girls that cried every time Selena sang a song and were devastated in her death.

Hispanic Music: Diary Age Fifteen

  • Diary Age Fifteen Dear diary: I heard the most amazing woman on the radio today, lyrics in English and in Spanish. Beat. Sway. Beat. Pop. Beat. Dance. Smile. Laugh. Beat. Beat. Beat. I've never heard such a beautiful voice before. I think I could be like her one day. Her name is Selena. Dear diary: there is only one thing that I would like right now, one thing that would make me feel special, one thing that would make me pretty, I want to be like her. I want to shine. I want to sing. I want to dance. I want to make little Hispanic girls see me as a role model of what life could be. I want to have an entire community of people yell and scream my name like I do hers, Selena! Selena! Her music is like nothing I've ever heard. It's the beat that gets into your body and it makes you want to dance. With a sway or a turn or a kick or a look. She has a way of singing and dancing that makes you want to cry. And for a Spanish girl like me she is everything. Dear diary: one day I want to be able to sing. I want to write my own music. I want to stand in the studio with headphones on the microphone in front of me and I want to close my eyes and create magic. She tells girls all the time that the most important thing they can be is who they are.




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