The worst feeling in the human experience is loneliness. As a woman explores different aspects of loneliness in her life we see the facets of life from a level of being alone. The emotion experienced allows the woman to share her story in many different ways. She speaks of the loneliness that she feels after a break up with the man that was to be her husband but it is focused to the connection she makes with her emotions and the feeling or rain. Followed by her telling the joys of being pregnant and feeling a being growing within her and then the devastation when she looses that baby and is expected to move on. Finally a simple blanket can mean so much. She wraps herself in this blanket to hold on to the generations of people that she has loved that are now gone but they still live within the stitches of this blanket that she can’t help but wrap herself in it, for the feeling of love.

Loneliness: Alone, Baby, Securi

  • Alone Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Shhhh do you hear it? Listen. Drip. Drop. It is the sound of something special. Something coming from another world and falling into ours. A wonder of the world. To experience it alone, is unfair to me and to the rain. I get so lonely sometimes but I listen to the rain as it falls. I listen to the rain as if to wait for it to speak to me. As if maybe one drop combined with another drop and another to create the most amazing collection of poetry I have ever heard. That the same band of rain is going to make me feel like there's someone in the world who cares about me that I just don't know about because I'm not listening. Shhhhh do you hear it? No one heard the message sent. A secret love. But for now, stay, I will sit on my porch and I will watch as the rain falls. I will close my eyes and feel the rain drop down onto my face and fall through my hair and onto my clothes and as I begin dancing with my eyes closed and my head back and my mouth open and hoping that maybe, maybe one drop of rain will turn into cotton candy. That maybe when I open my eyes I will be standing at the altar and you will be there with me.




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