In this collection we deal with three different visions of loss. The first is that of a teenager who watches as his friendship with his friend since the age of five changes drastically. Once best friends Bobby grows into a teenager that is mean spirited and hateful to people while his best friend stands by and watches. Finally Kevin decides that it is time to say goodbye to him and ends their friendship after asking him to play one last game of kickball. All I Needed chronicles a son’s relationship with his mother and what makes it so special. The only thing missing is his father. Then he realizes that his mother gave him everything that he ever needed in his life. Where is Me, is about loosing ones self in the midst of the tragedies of life. As a collection it brings forth a lot of emotional connection things that we, as people, have with the people closest to us.

Loss: Bobby, All I Needed, Wher

  • Bobby At the age of four when I was barely not wetting my pants Holding mommy’s hand Playing with cars in the sand I made in a friend in a boy named Bobby. He was quiet and fun He could play and run He came to visit me everyday after school And I knew that the older we got the stronger our friendship would rule. Bobby liked playing kickball He would kick I would run I would kick he would run No teams needed Just a ball and energy We would laugh and play Play and laugh Laugh Play Bobby was the best friend a kid could have. Bobby started to change. As we got older and kicking the ball wasn’t a ball When the laughs turned from laughing about the joy of life to laughing at Kelly The fat girl Laughing at Ben the kid in a wheelchair Laughing uncontrollably at the teacher who road a bike to school because Rumor had it, she couldn’t afford a car. What happened to my friend Bobby? The good kid with a good heart. The kid that loved me even though I wasn’t athletic And I wasn’t on the football team And I wasn’t by all standards of high school “cool” I was just the friend I had always been to Bobby.




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