A Collection About Love: The Hardest Poem to Not Write, Black Coffee, The Other Lover

This collection deals with the most difficult emotion known to man, love. This collection written from the perspective of a woman addresses a few different dimensions of love from writing about it to talking about it to realizing that you don’t have it but want it. This collection is a roller coaster of love and how good it feels to have it.

About Love (female)

  • The Hardest Poem to Not Write Why? I just don’t understand it. Why can’t I write a love poem for someone that I know I love? Because when I write, the words just ooze from my fingertips. They flow like a rapper in his prime. With the lyrics just flowing and a beat that you can bob you head to and a rhythm that makes you want to dance, so you do. That is how my poems flow in my mind and out onto paper. But I have no flow right now, I have nothing. Why? I just don’t understand it. Why not this one. Not this man. Not this love at this time. I start to write: your love is like the flowers in bloom- no Your love is like the sun rising- no Your love is…what is your love? And I think- naw it shouldn’t be this hard to write about this love, and if I’m going to write about him I’m going to be honest, but that honesty might hurt him. And maybe it should.




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