A Collection About Love: Love By Numbers, Lessons From Dad, Perfect Painting

There is no greater love than, LOVE. In this collection we explore love from different areas within a man’s life. The love that a man has for his son who is on his way to his first date. The jokes that they make to each other that are private to them and the love that they share between them on this special night. The love that he has for the woman he can remember knowing all of his life from first grade to the final moments, their love is real and finally to the love that he sees when he lays next to the woman of his dreams. She is his perfect in every way. A cohesive collection about the joy and pains of love.
(Serio- comedy)

About Love (male)

  • Love By Numbers 1. I remember you as a kid, swinging from monkey bars like you was ruler of your own jungle. I smiled. Starring into your face hoping our eyes would connect creating the perfect opportunity for me to ask you if I could buy you some ice cream at lunch. But you never looked at me. 2. Middle school were the years of knowledge not because I learned so much in class but because I got the chance to learn what true beauty looks like from the most beautiful teacher I know and that's you. I would approach you with a candy bar from the candy shack and pray that you would accept it because I didn't want to get embarrassed in front of my friends, you always did. This was the first time I thought we had something. 3. We sat together in math class. Attempting to learn about things that we would forget the moment we stepped out of the classroom. But somehow it still became my favorite subject. Because everyday from 1:00 to 1:50 I got the chance to fall deeper in love with you, so deep that by the end of the course my heart was literally sinking to my knees every time I saw you.




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