In The Shellwe hear the fast moving thoughts of someone who believes that within the shell of who she is lives nothing. But she hopes to find its contents and fill herself back up again and live. In That One Momentwe are taken on am emotional ride of the bet date of this woman’s life. Not because she found her knight in shining armor but because the person across from her made her feel like she had always wanted to feel. In that moment she stopped listening to all of the voices in her head and realized that she was worth something, she was special and finally living as a princess. And finally in, Forever Dance,an in depth evaluation of the idea of “self-esteem” is evaluated. If it comes from your elf, as it seems to state what happens when you can’t bring yourself to love yourself? An honest look at how challenging it can be to try to find the confidence that it takes to love yourself. But she speaks of a dance, finding that one person and engaging in the dance of your life with your final dance partner. This poem is a reflection of what the poet feels is all of our goals, to find that person that is for us and spend the rest of our lives dancing to the most amazing music ever knowing that the person dancing with us sees us for who we are. And while what we see may not be perfect it is perfect for them, making it perfect for us. A musical love story written through the words of a poem. ***This collection may be performed by a male or female student.

About Loving You for You: The Shell, That One Moment, Forever Dance

  • The Shell

    Daddy’s little girl grows up

    Who does she become?

    A woman

    A vision of what one passing would think is a woman

    The egg is cracked

    Fluid liquid runs out

    Inside the shell of me is air.


    Lost consciousness as if life lived here once but it has changed

    Air floating

    Ashes to ashes

    Dust to dust

    In one swift crack of the shell

    One slow moving wind

    All she knew herself to be is blown away

    Or perhaps falls from its safe shell

    To the ground below


    She will continue to look for it

    For the broken pieces of who she is

    Wondering all along if these pieces are necessary

    Does she need them to grow

    To become

    To achieve

    But alas she tries to put herself back together


    Ashes to ashes.




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