A Collection About Mental Illness: What I See, Trying to Understand, I Am My Father’s Child 

The challenge to understand mental illness is one that has been a focus of many studies in this country and beyond. In this collection we address the sensitive subject of mental illness. This collection may be performed by a man or a woman as mental illness has no sex, no race and it does not discriminate. In “What I See” we see a person looking into a mirror and they share with us the distorted vision of what they see in themselves. In “Trying To Understand” a person suffering from mental illness shares the thoughts they have as they look at the world and try to understand why their life is the way it is. Finally in “I Am My Father’s Child” a person suffering from a mental illness reflects on the reality that this is a disease that runs in their family, maybe death would have been a better option.

Mental Illness

  • What I See Often as I sit in my doctors office and I watch the seconds on the clock tick tock tick tock my mind swims and wanders into different places of the tick tock tick tock and before he enters the room I find the mirror and the mirror finds me. It ticks it tocks. The clock behind me in my head as I stare at the reflection in the mirror. Often the doctor asks me, "Tell me exactly what it is that you see? Who is it that is in the reflection? Do you feel that it is you? Or are you looking back at a stranger?" I debate, I think, I swim and swim and wonder if the clock is really ticking and tocking or if it is all in my mind. What do I see? Often I simply reply, “What do you see?” In therapy that is an unfair question, an unfair response, and an acceptable way to be a smart ass. What do I see is the most difficult question of the day. I do not want a prize. I do not pass go. The things that I collect that swim in my mind are not worth the air that I can barely bring myself to breathe. Does anyone understand? Tick tock.




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