A Collection About Motherhood: I Parent Alone, Solid As A Rock, By The Grace

There is no gift that a woman can pray for that is better than that of being a mother. The feeling of the baby growing inside of her and the creation of life is a connection that cannot be broken. The story of a mother who is reflecting on the struggles of being a single parent. The love that a mother has for the struggle that is raising a family. And finally the story of a mother who will not end a pregnancy that will change her life forever. All of these stories need to be told and heard. The love a woman has for creating life. (Dramatic)


  • I Parent Alone Sometimes I ask myself am I ready, ready to raise a family without a full family, it scares me. To know that I am a single mother, no late time, lover just tears left me drowning in the covers. I have 2 children two little angels that can bright up your entire world if you let ‘em. I don't neglect them; always respect them because that is what a mother does. My only fear is that my son will not learn how to be man because he doesn't see one. I teach him the basics like how to brush his teeth, how not to get soap in his eyes but he fails at that every time. I teach him how to pray, the basic stuff. But sometimes it gets rough because it's something I just don't know. Like how to tie a tie, but that didn't stop me. YouTube helped me. I learned how to tie several knots but the best looking one on my baby is the Windsor knot. It's perfect just like him. This is supposed to be a fathers’ job. I have a little daughter as well she is young enough not realize that her father is not around but she knows something is missing. She knows that the touch and rock from her father is not there. I still enforce love on her to let her know that care, that I'm here and I will not leave. As I lay down at night I begin to think about the bigger picture and half of it is missing.




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