A Collection About Poetry: First Things Spoken, As I Sit, I Tried

The most difficult thing to do as a poet sometimes is to…write a poem. In the following collection we explore the challenges or figuring out the words to use and at times the first words to say. How do you decide that a poem is worthy? Is the topic interesting? And sometimes we find that we have too many words for the message we are trying to say. In the end we find that poetry is, at times, figuring out how to say “yes” to all the right words at just the right time. You can’t get poetry wrong if it’s coming from the right place, the heart.

About Poetry

  • First Things Spoken The first words are always the hardest to find. Do I start with something visual like “the midnights’ stars are winking at my smile.” But that’s really not what I’m feeling. I’m feeling…thinking…living in the perfect fall day. A cool breeze. Red leaves and in the air there is something beautiful like God put beauty in a mist and sprinkled it on my day. Or a hot summer day sitting on the porch dripping in sweat drinking a lemonade and teaching the dogs tricks and the sun is blazing but in that moment there is a breeze. Or a winter day snuggled on the couch blowing the steam off of a cup of hot chocolate so excited to eat the big marshmallow. Oops, gave me a mustache. Or could it be spring, in the rain, racing toy boats down the street and I loose… But I don’t.




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