This collection deals with one of the most emotional times in a person’s life, the death of their mother. In The Last Ten Seconds we follow a young woman as she goes through all of the things that she does remember about her mother and their relationship but how no matter how hard she tries she can’t remember the last ten seconds of her mother’s life. By the end of the poem she has shared her inner most memories of their bond, a truly emotional story of love and the journey to take the first step to move forward. The second poem in this collection Eulogy is about the struggle that a women encounters when she is faced with writing her mother’s eulogy. With so much to say and not enough time to say it in, where does she start? What story does she tell? How does she say goodbye and wrap things up in just two minutes at a funeral? She finds direction in the guidance of her father that gives her very simple advice, “Look to heaven and she will be smiling down at you.” Sometimes it is the simple advise from just the right person that makes all the difference.

Saying Goodbye To Your Mother:

  • The Last Ten Seconds Do you remember? Do any of you remember? You may be wondering what it is that I'm asking if you remember and it's the last 10 seconds. The last 10 seconds of anything. Do you remember the last 10 seconds before you walked into this room? Do you remember the last 10 seconds of your favorite roller coaster ride? We remember the first. I remember the first time that I held my niece and my arms. The smell of a new baby is like nothing I've ever experienced it is a mixture of summer and spring in the warmth of winter and the fall leaves. It is the perfect balance of the smell of heaven and the feeling of a panda bear wrapped up all into one. I remember the first time I brushed my teeth by myself. I remember my faced completely covered and toothpaste I remember spitting into the sink and watching as rinse my face in the water. I remember how much joy it gave me to brush my teeth for the first time all by myself as a big girl. I remember my first kiss his name was Kevin but it could have been James and I wish it were Steve but Kevin was his name.




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