In 2016 a football player took a knee during the National Anthem which sparked a national discussion asking the question is it disrespectful or is it freedom of speech to have a silent protest. In “Not My Momma’s Prayer” which addresses the difference between the prayer that a mother gives and the prayers that we now need to give. From the ruling that ended prayer in school to all of the disasters that we have seen in recent history, maybe what we need is a little prayer. Followed by “I Will Kneel/ I Will Raise My Fist” which is a detailed look at the idea that questions if we are taught to kneel to pray, which is showing the utmost respect, is it possible that kneeling for the National Anthem is a protest- but not disrespectful as kneeling, praying and bowing your head are all signs of respect on biblical levels across different religions. The goal of this collection is NOT to start an argument about religion, but rather to hopefully make people think that it is at least possible that a silent protest about one specific topic is not intended to be disrespectful to another. ***This collection is not race specific or male/female specific. It can be performed by one actor/ actress. It is a slam poetry collection.

Seeking Answers Towards Equality

  • A Collection of Poetry About Seeking Answers Towards Equality: Not My Momma’s Prayer, I Will Kneel/ I Will Raise My Fist I stand here before you a sinner in the need of prayer. I stand here before you a man Woman Human being A human who is being A human who is being inquisitive Questioning How about we just get right down to it and discuss The disgust that is living in my “too blessed to be stressed” veins. Don’t wanna talk to me Don’t wanna listen? Wanna delete Block Unfriend Unfollow Unlike Unshare Un-repost Unsupport Unhindge the hate or ignorance that is in you The biases that wrap around your tongue The stupidity that struggles to take a breath in the midst of your closed mind Banging on the doors of your darkness that swims around you All of you All of us And me too. So allow me to capture your ear for a few minutes before you Swipe right, left Delete Or close your computers as I speak. Lend me your ear. I promise it is about to get filled.




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