A Collection About Teen Pregnancy Evolving: Baby 1965, Baby 2015

As time changes and generations change we are often confronted with same situations but different realities of how they are being dealt with. In this collection of poetry we will specifically deal with the topic of teen pregnancy. We will look at it from the perspective of two different teenage girls living in two very different times. In “Baby 1965” we see a young girl who has no concept of what sex is and how these things work. Her mother talks to her very vaguely about adult things but she was told there are things that are saved for your husband. She didn’t understand what this meant and so when she becomes pregnant she was confused. She was sad and scared. Her parents took her to a home for pregnant teens, dropped her off and vowed to pick her up after she had given birth. While in “Baby 2015” we see another teenage girl in the same scenario but the outcome is very different. I true testament to the change in time. The pregnancy occurs in a different way. The young girl has a different amount of knowledge that the 1965 girl didn’t have and the parent’s reaction is the same but the affects are different. This collection shows the same scenario in two different times. Not to say this is how all of these cases happened but to say that there were different options and different approaches. The innocence of girls in these periods is also shared as well.

Teen Pregnancy Evolving

  • Baby 1965 My name is Lacy and I’m fifteen years old. It is July 29th 1965 and I will be in the tenth grade. My life is a simple one. I go to school and I have friends that live on my street. I am not allowed to date but there is a young man In my class that I like. His name is Matthew and he lives a few blocks away. His mother spends a lot of time as her mother’s house So we make time to see each other. I sneak into his window and we lay on his bed sometimes. He is very nice. He puts his hands under my shirt but nothing More than that, most times. There have been times that we have done more than That but I don’t talk about those times. Those things are never to be talked about. My mother said that when I get married I will Share things with my husband that I will never share With anyone else. Can I tell you a secret? I shared those things with Matthew. I didn’t mean to, he didn’t mean to, we didn’t mean to, But we did.




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