A Collection About The Immigration Uproar 2016: Priceless, Yeah, I Speak Spanish 

In 2016 America experienced one of the most historical Presidential elections of all time. With this election came a lot of changes to the America that we had known and grown up in more so than any other American President. A movement began. One that started and grew and pushed its way across America and truly took flight. Men, women, and children of all races, demographics, religions and backgrounds came together to protest, march and speak out about a number of political issues that began to overtake the media and therefore saturate our world. One of these issues was immigration. In this collection a Latina (o) person speaks to two experiences: first the day that they got up and decided to march for the first time and what that moment means for them as well as sharing that moment with their mother, and second being able to shout loud and proud that, “Yeah, I speak Spanish” more of a slam poem that takes us on a very real, very emotional and to the point ride of this is how I see the world right now and you may not agree with what my eyes see but you will hear me. A great collection that has the strength to make us all stop and think.

Immigration Uproar 2016

  • Priceless Alarm sounds at 5:00am I wasn’t sleeping Eyes open looking at the Ceiling. Fan swirling like the thoughts in my head. I roll out of bed searching the room To make sure all of my signs have dried from last night. They read my simple screams, “I belong here.” “America the land of the free?” “Latina and proud.” “Never leaving home” They are ready and I am ready to take my place On the line and make a difference. My mother packed me a lunch of snacks Things I can put in my pocket It’s going to be cold out there today She sits in her chair in the kitchen drinking Her black coffee Eating her toast Not looking at me “Mom. I have to go.” I take her hand and she looks at me It is a fight that she understands She can’t do it I have to do it It is my time.




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