A Collection About The Importance of Family Time: Tradition, Family Time, Priority

The importance of family sometimes gets lost in translation. It becomes something that is taken for granted because it is always there and not something that we have to work for. Family is a constant, is never lets you down and it never forgets how important you are to it. But we sometimes forget how important it is to us, sometimes we forget that it is even a part of our lives at all. In this collection we address the idea of what our family Tradition were and how we have gotten away from them. As technology overtakes our lives we find ourselves removed from the basic gifts of life, family. The idea of Family Time and taking out the time to focus on spending time with the people you share your space with. Finally the idea of Priority, recognizing what your priorities are and also seeing that if they are not what they should be they need to change. Being able to evaluate your priorities and make a decision to see things differently. Family will always be the backbone of who we are no matter how we may feel about them day to day. We can not choose our families.

The Importance of Family Time

  • Tradition In my house the one time that is sacred is dinnertime. We wait for everyone to get home from work School Work and school. We dance around the kitchen, helping mom get everything ready. Pass this warm this get your little brother finish your homework. It was literally a dance of the best kind. Four courses: salads, main course, dessert and coffee I told my mom coffee is not a course but she insisted that if it sits alone it is a course. Period. I finally stopped pointing it out to her except when I wanted to see her do her favorite hand on hip eyes rolled so hard you would think they were literally about to exit her head. Weight shift to one side and spoon in hand. “Get out of my kitchen! Coffee is the final course. When you are older and you have children that drive you crazy you will not only appreciate the coffee course but you will appreciate that it happens without children!” She wasn’t really mad, but she pretended really well. It became a part of our family dinner rituals. She would play her part, I would play mine and so did everyone else.




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