A Collection About The Life and Death of Popularity: Popular, Mean Kid, Walls Falling 

This collection is an emotional rollercoaster. It is not sex specific so a girl or a boy may perform it but it deals with the challenges of life as a teenager, wanting to be popular, being bullied, being a bully and how that person sees life and sees themselves and finally, the inner fight that a teenager goes through when they are fighting the urge to hurt themselves going from kindergarten through the last moments of their life with a razor in hand. The reflection within this collection of poems challenges us to look at ourselves as well as the world around us and actually see what is right in front of us. Be the person that sees the person that is struggling, makes a point to connect with them do not just turn the page because these people exist in our everyday life and they need someone on their side.

Life and Death of Popularity

  • Popular More than just a song More than just a word Popular A way of being A sense of life The highest point on a pyramid Everyone wants to be popular. No mother looks at their child and says, “You’re cute and all but my hope is that in elementary school you’ll be awkward, in middle school your awkward won’t turn into cool kid but rather you’ll become socially removed and finally, finally in high school you’ll be the weird kid in the corner that no one talks to but everyone talks about.” Yes, that is what mothers say all the time. Good job mom for Hoping and dreaming big. No kid wants to be a loser. No brother wants his sister to be a nobody No father wants his son to be on the team but never play No mother wants her daughter to be on the outside of the inner circle. No friend wants their buddy to be “that kid” Everyone wants to be popular Wants to be known Wants people to look at them in envy Look at their clothes in admiration Look at their home in jealousy Look at their picture perfect family and wish they were like them.




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