A Collection The Loss of A Child: His Name Was Jason, It’s Been Seven Thousand Thirty- Two Days

The most difficult time in the life of a parent is the presence and then loss of a child. In this collection of poetry, we see the reflections of three different women who are experiencing the loss of their children in three different ways. A mother loses her last-born Jason. The challenge of having children, raising them and then losing a child. A mother who knows what it feels like to have life growing inside of her knows that something is wrong, but it is not until she loses Jason that she must pull herself together to continue being a mother for the rest of her children. Finally, the account of a woman whose daughter was abducted nearly twenty years earlier, but in her day to day life she still cannot move on with her life. She is still counting the days that her daughter has been gone. (Dramatic)

Loss Of A Child

  • His Name Was Jason My husband wanted a big family. I always thought that a big family means me gaining weight, a lot of weight. So that by the time we are finished with our big family I am a big mother with a big family. But whatever he wanted I wanted to give him. Baby number one- Lexington Baby number two- Liz Baby number three and four- twins Kevin and Kenny Baby number five- Ashley That was big enough for me. A minivan full A starting lineup of a basketball team A good mix of boys and girls Born year after year so they can grow up together Brothers and sisters Big family Dad is happy and mom didn’t gain a ton of weight. Pregnant again. Shit. Not in a bad way but just in a we were done way But we were ready What’s one more? My husband would always say we have enough love for a million babies Though a million was not my goal or his we knew what he was saying One more Sure Why not




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