A Collection About the Voice of the African American Woman: Pages In My Memoir, Dear White People: Chronicles Of My Black Voice-
Told through the stories of an African American woman this collection deals with two aspect of race. The first is a simple loving reflection of her memoir. Often we never think of what our life book will look like but in this collection she shares with us the pages and history of the life that she lived, and all of its shadows and demons. The second poem in this collection is a ode that chronicles her black voice. It is an expression of the humor and honesty of the things that African American people feel and an explanation of our lives so that if nothing else the audience does not get angry, but that the audience gains understanding of a race that they have never been a part of. Together these poems tell beautiful stories that need to be told and heard.

Voice of the African American Woman

  • Pages In My Memoir What do the pages of your memoir reflect? Do they reflect the beauty of a woman in a place where life happened? Did the pages tend to stick together or fall apart because you've never looked at the memories that you have lived in the life that you left behind? So what do you see? What do your memories present to the world? On my pages I see black faces. Black faces that look back at me. Smudges Plastered Dark Lonely Black circles where faces used to lives. Black faces with no eyes black faces with no life black faces that aren’t smiling and are already dead because I know their story. The black faces of children that did not turn into adults. I want you to see what I see. Maybe you will be able to keep your eyes open and see it clearly, maybe you will have to close your eyes and imagine that the things I'm saying are true, or maybe just maybe you'll be able to do both. Truly living in swimming in my memories. The black faces. Nameless. Lifeless. My memories. My pages.




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