A Collection About Who I Am- I Snap With Attitude, Yo Miss

In this collection we explore what an African American woman sees when she looks at the world through different eyes. First through her own eyes seeing how people see her, second through the eyes of another minority man and his story and lastly through the eyes of the students that she teaches. Through this collection we see her love, hate, attitude and concern for the next generation. It is a celebration.

About Who I Am

  • I Snap With Attitude I’ve been told that I snap my fingers with attitude. As if to say, “I know who I am, where I been and where I’m going so can you please get the hell out of my way.” That the way I roll my eyes implies that I will not take no crap, no disrespect and I will not be quieted, ignored or blown off, I am not that woman. Some believe that the way I walk gives off an eir of arrogance. I prefer intelligence, sophistication, and swag if you will. It is not my fault that my hips do a dance that I am not the author of, but if they dance, I dance. So I say call it what you must. So I snap, and I roll and I walk and in the midst of all of that I have to wonder if what people see in me IS me? I snap, yes. I roll, yes. I walk, yes.




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