Gun violence has become the norm for many school-aged children and educators across the country. In this collection we explore the aftermath of gun violence. Mirroring an event that is similar to Sandy Hook, two people describe what was taken from them after a school shooting. In "Change", a now young woman recounts her experience the day an active shooter showed up at her school. She explores the innocence that was stolen from her and others and the call to do something about gun violence across the country. While she does not have the answer, she just wants things to 'change'. In "Guilt", the young girl's teacher recounts her desire to be an educator and the memory of a simple mistake made the day of an attack. She is racked with guilt at the prospect of a failure in her mind to perform a simple task. In “Fear” we see the broken down and rebuild of a relationship between a mother and her remaining child after her son is killed in the Columbine shooting. The child recalls her mother holding her, crying and living in the fear of the left behind child. Trying to keep them safe. Until the day the child becomes an adult and decides to be a teacher, and like the true cycle of life the child holds the parent as they both seek to push away the fear of the past. These pieces are not only about what is left behind after a school shooting, but instead a subtle call to action regarding gun control. Note: Gender of both girl in class and teacher can be altered to suit the performer.

Aftermath of Gun Violence

  • For as long as I can remember

    I always wanted to be a teacher.

    I found myself quizzing my dolls and grandparents.

    “What are the three states of matter?”

    “What is the capital of Vermont?”

    “How many sides on a triangle?”

    My grandparents were way better students than the dolls.

    They knew all the answers.

    Of course, I knew all the answers as well.

    But now as my dolls have been replaced by smiling first graders,

    I realize that I don’t have all the answers.

    And after a dark, rainy spring day,

    I find myself with no answers and only one question,





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