In this powerful collection of poems, we are able to see someone who suffers from body dysmorphia the way that they see themselves. It is sometimes difficult to understand how someone’s biggest struggle can be within their own mind. Often, we ask, “Why can’t you just change the way you think?” In answering this question, we listen to Blind a poem that looks at how lucky the blind man is to not have to see. It dives into how the voices in their head that makes them see things in themselves that aren’t there are formed. As told through the chapters of the book the blind man is reading. Then we address one of the most difficult words in Pretty. A poem where the poet tells us how it became so important to them to hear someone say this word but also how it then turned into the biggest “bad word” of their vocabulary. And finally, in Body View: Or What is Dysmorphia, we hear what comes out of the other side of this struggle. Giving us example after example of what dysmorphia looks like to those of us who do not struggle with it. All ending with the realization that their mind doesn’t have a hold on them anymore and advise for pushing through.

Body Dysmorphia: Blind, Pretty, Body View: Or What is Dysmorphia?

  • The blind man can never see

    Not the blue of the water having a race down the rivers edge

    Not the red of a balloon on my third birthday

    Not the green of the finest blade of grass

    Simple things

    Little things

    That in respect to any given day are taken for granted…

    But not by the blind man


    To one who doesn’t see

    Blue, red and green are all the same


    Black, white and purple

    Are out of his frame


    To be someone who never looks at themselves would be so grand

    A gift from on high because I would love to clear my mind


    Blind to the sight of my thick thighs

    Visionless to the imperfections of everything on my face

    The spots on my forehead

    The moles on my cheeks

    The fat drooping from my neck

    Eyebrows I never draw on perfectly

    Lashes never as long as they seem in commercials

    Eyes that sit just a little too far apart

    Lips that are average but who wants that

    Skin a shade too dark in places

    Too light in others

    I could write a book…

    I have written a book.