Loc is a not the typical sixth grader. He is smarter than the rest of the kids in his grade and well on his way to first grade genius stats. Until his mother tells him that he has to attend school in a questionable part of town because they have to live with his grandmother. On the first day Loc is bullied by the resident gang member and told that he was going to have to join their gang. Loc is terrified but has no idea what to do. On one hand he can’t fight at all and on the other hand he can’t avoid the brawl that is destined to happen as every minute ticks by. He looks to his friends for help, but everyone seems to be relieved that they haven’t been chosen. As the end of school bell nears Loc keeps watching the seconds roll by to his imminent gang initiation. Will he make it or will he call to the bullies and gangs of the first grade.

Bullies, Gangs and The First Grade

  • Loc: (A six year old child stands in front of a mirror putting battle make up on under his eyes. He ties on a bandana across his forehead before he very dramatically speaks to the audience.) It’s a hard knock life out here in deez streets. My momma said knock you out and I juss might have to if you keep looking at me crazy. What you lookin’ at? Boo! (He transforms into a nerdy kid in an instant.) What did you think? Was that scary? Did you think I was one of the brothers from the hood? (He holds up a black power fist.) Did that seem real? Mom: Tony Locster Jefferson Paul breakfast is ready! Loc: That’s my mom. She loves me but if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be in this situation. My granny is sick and she lives in (Whispers) “the hood.” Mom: (Eavesdropping, laughing) Excuse me little boy? Loc: Mom! It’s against the law to listen to someone’s private conversation. Hello, Watergate. Mom: Watergate? Really? Sometimes I think you’re too smart for your own good. Loc: Mom, I don’t want to go back to this school. Mom: This is the same school I went to. Loc: You’re tougher than me. Mom: Is that what the battle make up is about? Loc: I saw it on Rambo and he was a badass. Mom: Excuse me? Loc: Badass- by definition means that he was a …badass. (Performing) He cols crush a man in his hands. He could- (Granny enters and joins in) Granny: - kill an army of bad guys with one bullet. Loc: Yeah! He could jump from a burning plane and land on his feet. Granny: He could have any woman he wanted at the nursing home. Loc: He could- what? Mom: Nothing. Mom, your grandson thinks Kellistical Elementary is a “hood” school. Granny: Somebody messing with you? Loc: No, everything is fine Granny. Mom: Grab your lunch, you don’t want to be late…and you might want to take that make up off. It makes you look dirty. Loc: I was going to gangsta. Mom: Just dirty.




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