A Collection About the Cycle of Incarceration in America: My First Time In, The Cycle Continues

A collection about a person who was a teenager when they went into prison. We see two sides of them: the angry teenager he was back when they went in and the adult who knows the game in the present day. The teenager is aware of the street and the danger that it had and their life started out in a positive way but as life happens and things change that are out of their control they move with it. Sometimes moving with it is moving in a negative direction that one can’t turn back from. When they get out, they stand in the street of where they called home and realize that the prison system is not set up for rehabilitation but rather for failure. How do you succeed? How do you not become of the revolving door? Has anything changed? ***Performer has author’s permission to edit as needed to fit male or female performers. ***

Cycle of Incarceration in America

  • First thing they asked was what got me to this point

    This moment in my life

    Where time seems to be standing still

    While the world is moving around me

    And I’m just standing there

    Right hand right finger and so on

    Left hand left finger and so on

    Right profile- flash

    Left profile- flash

    Hold the number a little higher

    Mr. Jones is now Mr. 193082

    No name

    No more names in the world of the prison system


    Three strikes and you’re out they say

    Babe never knew these streets like I do

    Jackie never had to run around the bases of the projects just to take another breath

    This isn’t a game

    In a game someone wins

    Someone comes out on top

    In this game everyone loses

    People go to jail

    Other people supervise the people in jail

    People wait for their family member to get out of jail

    Not a win win

    We all lose.


    Everyone wants to know

    Asking all of those questions

    When you’ve never been in

    You don’t understand the path

    How did you become a teacher?

    How did you become a doctor?

    How did you become…an inmate?

    How did you become a felon?

    No one wants to tell the truth

    It’s like we either hoping someone else does something

    Stupid so we won’t be locked up alone




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