In the midst of a global pandemic, one woman experiences a specific event on a specific day that changes her forever. As Jennifer, a white woman in the suburbs recounts the events that happened beginning in March of 2020. She talks about the pandemic and how that affected her and her family and eventually it became overwhelming and she decided to disconnect. When she reconnected the video of Ahmaud Arbery had just surfaced. She was amazed at the video, the conversations and the reality that the world was in. On a normal day she is driving to get ice cream with her daughter when she sees a little African American boy riding his bike towards a dangerous intersection. She immediately pulls over her car to make sure that the little boy gets across the street. In an instant the little boy sees her and leaves his bike in the street and runs home crying. Jennifer finds out through his big brother that he too saw the video and is scared of her. This is a story that flips the script. There is a lesson to be taught here and Jennifer now knows what it feels like for someone to fear her for no fault of her own. In her mind she is a mother doing what mother’s do, keep children safe, but this African American doesn’t know that, all he knows is what he sees which is a white woman walking towards him in 2020. It allows them to gain a small piece of what it feels like for someone to be afraid of you for the color of your skin. Some stories are best told by the most innocent of people, through the genuine life experience of children. 

Dangerous Intersection

  • Hi, my name is Jennifer Lincoln. Pretty boring I know and definitely simple I know that as well but that’s my name and I wanted to introduce myself before I shared some things with you. It’s been a weird time, not for me but for everyone including my children, my neighbors, my parents and the world. I thought that 9/11 was going to be the most memorable moment of my life. I don’t mean memorable in the sense of joy, my most joyful moments would be getting married to the love of my life and having my daughter, definitely. I mean memorable in the sense of something that my generation would have experienced that will be written in the history books. The list is short, thank God. Number one 9/ 11. Number two Barack Obama being elected as our president. I thought for sure we were done. Until the pandemic started.