Victoria is a young woman who is confined to a wheelchair. She has a disease called Muscular Atrophy Type 2. It is a disease that starts at a young age 12-18 months and could possibly elevate to paralysis. For Victoria she will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, but like all people she has a life that she wants to live, as an actress in Los Angeles. She tells of the memories that she has when she was a child and could walk. She remembers when her legs began to give out and when her father finally left because he couldn’t be the father of a child that wasn’t perfect. She has an honest conversation about how she has been treated in her life. How people treat her and through humor and honesty we are able to experience these moments in her life. But she pressed on and fell in love with theatre and decided to make it her life. It wasn’t until Los Angeles that she realizes that no one will ever see past her wheelchair. Her emotions get the best of her when she is called in for a final audition and is told that the reason she is not getting the role is because of her wheelchair. She takes all of her emotion from years of being stared at, talked down to and left behind by her father and before she leaves the stage she speaks her mind. It is a life changing moment for a person in her situation to share. She is just a person that is talented and happens to be in a wheelchair, but like most people with disabilities it is not what defines them or makes them who they are.

Defined By Talent

  • (Victoria, a woman in a wheelchair sits seemingly talking to herself. She is rehearsing. Her words cannot be heard but it is clear she is nervous about what is about to happen. She looks to the audience, smiles and prepares for her audition.)


    Hello, my name is Victoria and I will be performing a monologue from “Before the Water Falls” by Laverne Wester. (She takes a moment to transition and then begins.)“I can’t do this anymore. You constantly tell me how much you have given to this relationship, but you refuse to see what I’ve given. My parents- gone, brothers- gone, (Beat) you’re toxic Ben. You kill everything you touch. And yes, you killed me. Killed my soul, my love for myself, my ability to simply look in the mirror and see myself as …beautiful.” (She holds the character for a moment then drops out of character feeling good. She looks to the auditioner.)Would you like to see something else? I can-(Beat, she listens) No, the wheelchair isn’t a prop I actually have to sit in a wheelchair in order to (Beat, she shakes her head in disappointment, again. Then listens-) yes, I see you’d prefer an actress who can walk (Listens)move upstairs…right. (Listens)I’m…I’m sorry my chair was distracting. (Works to hold her head up.)Thank you for your time and consideration. (She begins to leave, stops.) Could the someone open the door for me please? (Beat, she exits.)




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