Brown Babies is a term used to identify children that were born to African American soldiers and German women during the war. They were considered to be unwanted and forgotten children that no country wanted. In this story a woman shares with her daughter how and when she found out about her mother. Her father was a war vet who snuck her into the country and raised her himself. She never knew about her mother but when she finally asked he told her all about the circumstances that brought her to America and away from her. It is an emotional reflection of a woman that is both African American and German and learning the truth about who she is.

DI/ Female- Beautiful Brown Babies

  • (As an older woman. ***Please note that her age can/should change from older to younger in places. Those places are at the discretion of the performer, or no age changes may occur should that choice me bade.) We all have secrets. I know I have mine. But the hope is that to balance those secrets God gives us the most amazing gifts to hold near and dear to our hearts that make the secrets hide farther and farther in the back of our closets. But there's always that moment, the moment when those secrets, the ones that you thought you had buried oh so perfectly far far away, sometimes we bury them so deep for days, weeks, months we don't even think about them. That's... that's the torture of life. That all the things that you do in secret, and private, thinking that you will get away with it, wanting so desperately to believe that no one knows and no one saw. These things- these treasures from our book of secrets, they always have a way of slipping and sliding out of their hiding place and standing right in front of you. Right directly in front of you. I live and breathe for my daughter Jasmine. I decided to call her that because I met her father in New Orleans when he was home for two weeks from the war. It was at a jazz club. I'll never forget walking down Bourbon Street with one of my girlfriends. I was wearing a green flower dress with a belt and my favorite cream shoes that I borrowed from my mother and we walked into a bar called The Phoenix. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink when a man’s hand slides through and pays for it. And I heard this the deep voice behind me say, "I have never seen a woman as beautiful, a dress so green, and an angel that looks like you."




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