A woman shares with the audience her life and her lifestyle. As she opens up about where she has been and exactly how she got there we being to realize that within the life of this woman’s story there is a special strength that makes us care about her. She proves to be a woman of honor, though through her life experiences she has been judged, chastised and demeaned. She stood up, collected her life, and put it back on track. She overcame her past to recreate her history. She is the best example of change, and success being something that anyone may accomplish with the right amount of support, and self-love.

DI/ Female- Clothing Optional

  • I am not the typical at anything that I have been a part of. Some of you are (Laughs) that’s just a fact of life. Not all of us will be original people. Look to the left of you, and now to the right- see between the two people you just looked at, there might be a stand out between the three of you. What makes you special? Different? Maybe you’re like me- it was what I did that made me distinctive, my story was in my job. A way to take care of myself and my needs without having my hand out to my parents all the time asking or begging them for a loan or a favor, a hand out. I just couldn’t do it. I finished college and (Beat) a series of events happened that changed the course of my life and what I thought I would be doing as I stand here at thirsty-five years old. It’s like they say when life gives you lemons you make a lemon drop shot and call it a damn day. (Laughs) I tried to make lemonade. Sometimes that shit was the sweetest lemonade I had ever tasted…and sometimes it was just shit and tart and I had to spit it out, but no matter what the circumstance I tried to make something with those damn lemons regardless of the situation. I always tried. Just because I was a stripper does not mean I give “Happy endings” as they say. (Laughs) There is no amount of tip that a man can put down my bra or in my thong that will make me put my lips where they do not belong. I have rules; I am a lady you know. (Laughs) Yes, lady- “Women of the night” have rules too. Where did that term come from anyway? Probably some stupid ass man who had the luxury of experiencing a woman of the night and was left completely speechless. (Laughs) That is the fight of every one of us who have the balls to sit in this room.




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