Angelica is an attractive woman who enjoys putting on make up like most women do. It is when she gets to her eyes that things begin to shift. Because she realizes that is was her eyes that attracted him to her in the first place. After meeting the man that would soon become her husband Angelica’s life would change forever. It wasn’t until after the rings were exchanged that her husband Jason went from the love of her life to her captor. Jason decided that Angelica was his property to do with what he chose. The first time she disagreed and was met with a blow to the face. After years of abuse, broken bones and a broken spirit Angelica shares her story of triumph and overcoming the monster that she married. Her ability to move forward, to look at herself in the mirror and not hate what she sees.

DI/ Female- Eye

  • (Angelica stands in front of a mirror putting on make up. She hums while she applies the make up. Her presence is a happy one until she begins to put make up on her eyes. Her focus shifts, it is painful to touch her eyes. She continues to put the make up on while clearly in pain.) When Jason first met me he said that the most beautiful thing about me were my eyes. There would be days that I would catch him sitting in the kitchen just staring me in the eyes. It was quite beautiful and that was one of the first things that made me fall in love with him just the idea that a man could love me for nothing more than me being me, period no debating it, and made me feel like if there were another women in the room she could be lying dead on the floor and you would never know because his focus is on me and me alone. There's something to be said about a predator in the way (Beat) the way in which they play their game. Sometimes I feel that I brought this on myself, you know. Jason and I met on this online dating service that my sister had met her husband on and it was time my family kept telling me, it was time for me to find a husband, it was time for me to get married, it was time. So I have this thought in my mind that at twenty-seven I was so old nearly knocking on deaths door because that is how they made me feel. I went online and created what I thought was pretty interesting profile. We had pictures of my dog and then pictures of my eyes.




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