Hidden Treasures tells the story of a woman who has been systematically abused. Her husband Steven has separated her from her family and friends and isolated her so that he is her only contact with anyone. She is only allowed to talk to her family a certain amount of time and he must be present for the conversation. It is not until Steven goes to jail that she finally gets a bit of freedom but by this time she has separated from reality. She speaks often of the “treasures” that she has hidden from everyone to keep them safe. Simple and loving these treasures seem. It is not until Stephen is released from prison and comes home to find hidden boxes in the garage. Stephen didn’t know that his wife was ever pregnant…let alone pregnant seven times. Her treasures are no longer hidden. She is still searching for her freedom. Still hoping that someday she will be able to explain and her children will understand.

DI/ Female- Hidden Treasures

  • I met my husband Steven my freshman year of college. We were both in the same literature class and he sat next to me I think because I was cute and so he could cheat off of my papers. (Laughs) We became friends, we started spending time together and eventually one thing led to another and we were inseparable. It was the most amazing love I had experienced in my nineteen years of life. It was interesting when I brought him home to meet my parents my mother took me into the living room and said she just doesn't think he was the one for me. If there's one thing that I can teach every single one of you sitting in this room right now it's that I should've listened to her. I should've run as fast as I could and never looked back. But I didn't because I was in love. Sometimes we have to look back over our lives and figure out how the hell did I get to this point? For me it was simple, I didn't listen to my mother. I regret that decision everyday of my life, every single day. Stephen and I got married the summer before our junior year of college. I always wanted to have a big wedding. Invite all my friends and family and have a beautiful white dress and walk with my father down the aisle but Steven saw it much differently. He picked me up from class and said we were going to get married that day. I laughed a lot because I thought he was joking but he wasn't. We drove to the courthouse he already had all of the papers we needed, we said I do, told each other that we loved one another and that was it. That was my wedding day. That's how I remember it. (Beat) You have those moments in life, those monumental times that you feel are truly the reason that your life made a pivotal change.




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