Jamie stands at a podium giving a very passionate speech about why she created an organization that assists military men and woman who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse. She goes into a very detailed account of being stationed in Afghanistan and being assaulted on base. It is a passionate cry for help and the longing of people who are in her position wanting nothing more than to be heard. The importance of someone giving you his or her ear without assumption of the situation. Sometimes all we all want is someone to listen. In the end all she wants is for people to understand that this does happen, but it is not a bad military, it is a few bad people that make this a reality. Still a proud member of the armed forces she reminds every person in the room that she would gladly serve her country for the rest of her life.

DI/Female- Honor In Darkness

  • (Opening Jamie steps to a podium. She is met with applause and cheers of support. She quiets the audience and with great poise speaks to the crowd. With the presence of a leader.) Good evening ladies and gentlemen if you would all please be seated I would love to get started. Some of you may not know exactly why we have come together this evening. I tried my best to keep it a surprise. This evening we will celebrate the climax and the coming together of one of the most difficult experiences of my life to overcome and my true acceptance and finally moving on. My taking that experience and turning it into something positive that can propel me through the rest of my tenure in the military. Supporting other men and women in the military with similar circumstances as mine is my goal. Tonight we are here to celebrate the opening of my foundation, The Jamie Leigh Foundation for military men and women who experience physical and sexual violence. (Beat) It took an immeasurable amount of work to create this foundation. It took the same amount and effort for me to look (She scans he room) all of you in the face and share my story. (Smiles) To tell you the truth I would not have it any other way. I stand before you a reformed woman. I still have my beautiful smile (Smiles) thank you mom and dad but my soul and my heart have changed tremendously. There was a point when I had become so hardened that I didn't know if I was turning to stone or if I'd ever be able to be me again. A few years ago I was stationed in Afghanistan. All of you know me well enough to know that as soon as I graduated from high school I joined the military very proudly.




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