On the morning of September 6, 2015 Stacy gets up and proceeds like any other morning. But unfortunately as her day progresses she finds out that there has been a shooting at her son’s middle school. As she watches the television frantic and frozen she realizes that she has to get to her son’s school as soon as possible. Upon arrival she stands behind the barricades with all of the rest of the parents holding pictures of their children in hand, waiting to hear a word from the authorities. As time passes the all-clear signal is given and children begin to exit the school. Stacy watches as parents around her are reunited with her children. She asked one of the students if they know her son and the mother replies “He’s shooter.” Surrounded by a mob of angry parents without the ability to defend herself Stacy is brutally attacked. The one thing that she holds onto is the only thing that she has, a school picture of her son Andrew. She finally realizes what it was that took her son to do what he did, but by this time it is too late, for both of them. This performance is a mature and very real look into the horror associated with being a parent in the midst of a crisis and the realization that humanity is not always present and not always on our side. 

DI/ Female- If Only I Had Known

  • (Stacy is standing outside of a barrier trying desperately to talk to someone but no one will talk to her. People are running past her in all directions. The feeling is that we have just been dropped in the middle of something tragic.) Excuse me can you tell me where... Sir, sir, hi can you tell me where the parents are picking up their… Ma'am please just wait one second if you can just direct me to the right person I'll get out of your way. I am looking for the administrators of the school, someone I can talk to about...this whole thing. If you can just please (Trying to hold it together) please tell me something. (Pause) Oh, the principal didn't make it. Oh okay. I guess I'll keep looking. (She continues to scan the crowd looking for someone, anyone. Whisper) Can someone please help me? I need help. I was born on July 7, 1978. I married my husband on August 27, 2001. And I gave birth to Andrew on December 1, 2002. There are dates in our lives that we will never forget. Things that are sketched into our memories not intentionally but I'm consciously, think of them as the important dates of our existence. I have a new one it is September 6, 2015. 9:06 AM to be exact. School has just started. Andrew was beginning his first year of middle school, seventh grade. I will be the first one to say God bless teachers and principals and the counselors and the entire educational system. There are just jobs in this world that I am not capable of doing, I just don’t have the patience. But I appreciate those who do them. You know police officers and firemen are willing to give their lives to save others.




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